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Real News Daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a quick summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…


Senate Republicans have finally revealed their plan to revamp the Affordable Care Act. Now, they’re just trying to pass it. There will be lots of twists and turns along the path to an expected vote next week — and it’s by no means assured the GOP will get there. Senators. Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky — said outright they’d cast their votes against the bill without further rollbacks to Obamacare. Paige Winfield Cunningham reports in the Washington Post: The Health 202: McConnell will be a legislative wizard if health care passes.

+ What To Expect in the Senate Health Care Bill.

+ Rand Paul told reporters that the bill “looks like we’re keeping Obamacare, not repealing it. Says; Insurance should be available for $1 a day.

+ What the health insurance industry wins and loses in the Senate health care bill.

+ It looks like women have been entirely left out of the new health care law – so much so that even the word “women” literally never appears in the US Senate’s 142-page health-care bill.


And another Hollywood moron speaks and threatens to kill an American President – this time it was Johnny Depp. Freedom of speech is great but publicly threatening to kill someone goes beyond free speech and threatening to kill the president of the united states is a class E felony and can carry up to a five-year prison sentence. Of course, Depp isn’t going to attempt to assassinate Donald or anyone else. He’s just another spoilt celebrity that’s starved for attention and stirring up controversy to get it, just like other before him. The danger is that other people who are dumb enough to look up to these idiot celebrities might try – think James Hodgkinson. What’s the solution? To make an example of one of these celebrities and the best way to do that is to prosecute and convict.

+ 11 Stars Who Imagined Violence Against Donald Trump, From Kathy Griffin to Johnny Depp (Photos).

+ Meanwhile: Johnny Depp Apologizes for “Donald Trump Assassination Joke.”


Google will stop its long-standing practice of scanning the contents of individual Gmail users for advertising purposes, the company announced in a blog post today. The practice, something Google has done nearly since the launch of its email service, allows the company to digest the contents of email messages and use them to deliver targeted ads within Gmail itself. The Verge: Google will stop scanning your Gmail messages to sell targeted ads.

+ I prefer CounterMail for my secure email communications but LifeWire details five other alternatives that are just as effective – Heinz Tschabitscher: Six Best Services for Secure Email. CounterMail is on the list.

+ And from Forbes: The Only Email System The NSA Can’t Access.


Scientific evidence indicates that keeping your mind active through “cognitive training,” controlling your blood pressure and exercising more may pay dividends regarding brain health, researchers determined. CBS News Reports: Three lifestyle changes that may help guard against dementia. (Nothing breathtaking here, just stuff we should all be doing anyways for better overall health.)

+ What is cognitive reserve? How we can protect our brains from memory loss and dementia.

+ Study says; Extra-virgin olive oil preserves memory and protects the brain against Alzheimer’s.


A mistrial has been declared for the second time in the case of a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black motorist in Ohio two years ago. Via The BBC News Service: Second US mistrial in Ohio police shooting of Samuel DuBose. (The guy was stupid for trying to drive away. However, it’s easy to see that he was no threat to the police officer or anyone else at that point when he was shot in the head by Officer Ray Tensing. The police should have to go by the same rules for using deadly force as the rest of us. I ask you what would happen to you if some guy stopped in the road as you were walking cursed you and then started to pull out and leave but you stop him from leaving by shooting him in the head. Yes, you would be serving a lengthy prison sentence. And the fact that the officer was white and the victim was black had nothing to do with it – no doubt the trigger happy officer would have just as quickly shot and killed a white man, but then most white men would have cooperated with the police and been on their way in a few minutes.)


North Korea Denies Mistreatment of Otto Warmbier and says that they are the “biggest victim” in his death. With state’s official news agency denying Friday any mistreatment of Warmbier, insisting criticism of its “humanitarian” treatment was a smear campaign orchestrated by South Korea and the U.S. As reported by U.S. News: North Korean state-run media outlet says that the American detainee’s death remained a ‘mystery.’

+ And from RT News: N. Korea blames US student’s death on Obama policy, calls itself ‘biggest victim.’

+ And they continue with the threats – N. Korea to strike US bases in Asian Pacific & S. Korean presidential palace if US attacks.


And another “controversy” to keep the American public occupied and dumbfounded – Trump Sued For Allegedly Violating Presidential Records Act, meanwhile, the US continues its war for control of Syria and the middle east while hiding behind the pretense of fighting ISIS via the “war on terrorism.” Next on the hit list will be Iran.


If you think that the world is a crowded place now – just wait, it’s going to get worse. The UN Says World’s Population Will Reach 9.8 Billion By 2050. (Personally, I don’t think we will make it that long before a major pandemic or other disaster results in a significant reduction in the world’s population.)


What if we could expand ecstasy, reduce stress and lift depression, all by delaying and extending orgasm? Peter von Ziegesar in Aeon, The orgasm cure.

+Meanwhile – Snapchat filters could allow you to have virtual sex with whoever you want. People have sex on the brain. The big question is what’s next and where do we draw the line between what’s considered normal and what’s, well not normal?


+ The happiest place on earth? Must be. Man Visits DISNEYLAND 2,000 Days in Row. Wow! He must love Mickey Mouse! For me once every two or three years is plenty enough but to each their own.

+ Mad Max found!

+ Venezuela’s economic collapse and shortages cause desperate people to travel 10 hours to buy food, supplies across the water in Trinidad.

+ I watch and enjoy both but Scott Coker explains why Bellator is ready to top UFC as the biggest company in cage fighting.

Have a great evening M.D. Creekmore

8 responses to And It Gets Worse

  1. Chuck Wiese June 24th, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    #4 — re extra-virgin olive oil.
    To call this a “study” is a stretch. They fed TEN Alzheimer’s-leaning MICE olive oil and 12 MICE no olive oil, and after quite a while, tested the two groups. Small “study,” MICE are not humans, and olive oil is one of many “vegetable” oils that could be tested.
    This report appeared in a lot of places I read, so it got lots of publicity — shows what someone can get publicized if they practically write the ‘news’ article for the ‘press release.’


  2. cgbascom June 24th, 2017 at 11:29 am

    #2 Johnny Depp wants to be the next John Wilkes Booth? Well we all know how that turned out. Idiot.

    #6 North Korea a ‘victim’ of Otto Warmbier’s death? Hmm. Do you think that Satan’s son learned the victim routine from our liberal wussies, or did our pc crybabies learn it from him?

    Stop the world! I want to get off.


  3. Izzy June 23rd, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    #9 Seriously? Good grief. Humans just can’t be satisfied with being normal humans anymore.


  4. Izzy June 23rd, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    #5 Murder? I think not. Murder requires malice of forethought. I doubt the officer woke up and said I am going to kill Mr. DuBose. If they had charged the officer with manslaughter, they would have probably gotten a conviction.

    After a little research on DuBose, it appears he had little regard for laws.

    “police pulled Dubose over and charged him with not having a license 13 times between 1995 and 2009. He was charged four times with not having a proper license plate on his vehicle between those dates. He was also charged with driving under suspension eight times between 2005 and 2011”.

    “Dubose had been charged with more than 55 offenses before his death. Some of the other charges escalated beyond traffic violations, including drug abuse, domestic violence and assault”. He also spent time in prison for drug dealing.

    Over and over and over he disregarded the law. He rarely worked and his 13+ kids were all on welfare….including his current “fiancé” of whom had 4 children by him.

    I have not found any videos showing exactly what happened, but if the officer ran the license plate before (SOP) approaching DuBose’s vehicle, it would definitely put more caution in the officer. Evidently there was some sort of struggle, but to what extent remains unknown.

    “the fact that the officer was white and the victim was black had nothing to do with it ”

    It has everything to do with the aftermath. Families of dead black men are getting huge payouts. Never mind the fact, they were thugs and either committing criminal offenses or resisting arrest and combative.

    There are numerous cases of blacks killing white in alleged self defense, but not one were arrested. One in particular sticks in my mind.

    There were witnesses and a camera tape showing what really happened. This was her 2nd time in a so called road rage incident. No charges. Oddly enough, the pastor who led a march in the Trayvon shooting magically appeared at this gal’s side within 5 minutes. Go figure. This incident was barely a blip in the media.

    A new industry has been invented.


  5. Izzy June 23rd, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    #1 Health Care Bill. The Bill is not 142 pages. It is 412 pages. It does mention women in it. I don’t know where Quartz gets their info, but it was wrong.

    Having said that, the new bill is still a sham. Once again the insurance industry was allowed to help write it. Which of course will always be to their benefit and the pandering congressmen.

    I agree with Rand Paul. Obamacare should be totally repealed. He is also right about the costs. Insurance is so inflated it is obscene. Between the insurance industry and big pharma’s lobbyists, nothing will be done to actually help the people. It will remain all about money and not health care.

    The other issue is, the nanny state will still be providing health care to non citizens and welfare junkies. Those costs are paid for by taxpayers. Socialised medicine has and always will be a lose lose situation.


  6. tommy2rs June 23rd, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    #3 Googles ads, I never see them anywhere, not even on gmail. Use an adblocker like Adblock plus + easylist, or Ublock + easylist.

    Countermail uses Java which is a security risk in it’s own right. I haven’t allowed Java on anything here in years, even before the mess in 2013. No .net framework either for that matter. I use Protonmail for secure email now that I finally got my account there a month or so ago, granted it uses javascript but that’s what NoScript is for. You can pick and choose how much or how little javascript you let run.


    • M.D. Creekmore June 23rd, 2017 at 8:13 pm

      tommy2rs ,

      It can be good to allow ads to show from some sites because they help keep sites running and free for everyone plus if the site is about something you’re really interested in then some of the ads might be for stuff you need or have been looking for (or didn’t know you needed). If you notice adblockers don’t work to block ads on


      • tommy2rs June 24th, 2017 at 3:51 am

        Sorry to bust your bubble but yes they do if you know more than just how to install the extension. I don’t even see the header, videos or pics unless I specifically allow it. Not even the place holders for these things show. If you know how you can control how every single aspect of any webpage displays in your browser.

        The general risk/reward ratio is so poor in these days of ransomware that I just don’t let anything run anywhere. It’s not that I’m picking on your website in particular, in fact I give this place more slack than anywhere else on the web because other than a few minor easily blocked trackers and the occasional attempt to fingerprint the browser (yeah, I’ve got an extension that notifies me and blocks the attempt when that happens) you’re pretty clean here. I can delouse anything up to and including rootkits and ransomware but I just have too many better things to do to make the risk worth it. Lol…Besides, I get enough practice cleaning The Boss’ machine.


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