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Review of the Katadyn Vario Water Filter

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by Dean C A few months back, I had sold a few things of value and used that money to buy a Katadyn Vario water filter (click here to check availability and the current price at  Since water is so important, and the items I sold had no real value to prepping, it was an easy decision. I had been …

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Two Way Radio Communication Training (The Basics)

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by Hunter_Prepper There are no handheld radios that will ever cover any kind of range (beyond LOS (Line of Sight)) without some kind of special circumstances or a repeater. The laws of physics, solid matter and the curvature of the Earth simply get in the way. So, here are your realistic options for achieving long (er) range. Amateur Radio (Ham) can …

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Cold Climate Gardening – Easiest Crops to Grow (even in small spaces)

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by Matilda With limited space, time and money, I want an optimal, seasonal yield from my cool climate garden.  No matter where I live or how much room I have, the garden is a significant part of my daily life. It also provides an opportunity for appreciation of God’s provision. Most vegetables are beyond comparison for taste if you grow them …

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Helping Those In Need After SHTF

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by Mama J This is one of the hardest parts of prepping for me. I do not have many neighbors that would be dependant on us, though there are a few. Our rural neighborhood will come together to help them. Not just one family. I don’t believe I would be able to turn away homeless hungry children. Not without great emotional …

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How to Build an Underground Bunker on a Budget

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by Doc Wacholz In April 2011, we saw one of the worst tornado outbreaks ever in the Southeast. On April 27th alone, there were 208 tornadoes with four being EF5’s tearing across hundreds of miles of the countryside, killing hundreds of people and destroying hundreds of millions of dollars in property across six states. This was the catalyst (amongst other …

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What’s The Best Extreme Cold Weather Clothing?

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by Andrew Skousen and Joel Skousen, authors, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home Threats of the Cold: Every year people die during the cold and storms of winter because of lack of preparation. Motorists get stuck in blizzards and succumb to the cold when their fuel runs out and old people freeze when their furnace stops working during a power …

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Is Kentucky a Good Survival Retreat Location for Preppers?

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By Joel Skousen Author,  Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home Kentucky and Tennessee are a couple of my favorite states for relocation for those already in the East looking for safety.  They are both in or beyond the Appalachian chain of mountains which will channel refugee flows coming from the east into known highway corridors, which can be strategically avoided. …