Beating A Dead Horse

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Real News Daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a quick summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…


For the past eight months, we have consistently been bombarded by the mainstream media about Trump colluding with the Russians during the last presidential election. The Democrats keep pushing it, and the mainstream media is more than happy to keep “reporting” on it even though it’s a huge basket full of nothing. But, the big question is how do Trump supporters feel about the whole thing? They don’t care – do you? Reported by the BBC News Service: Trump voters on Russia investigation: ‘Not bothered.’

+ Guns and Roses – Beating A Dead Horse.

+ Trump says he did not tape conversations with former FBI head Comey.

+ US intelligence chiefs say they did not feel pressured by Trump.

+ And we can’t mention “the Donald” without mentioning health care reform – Senate Republicans release Obamacare replacement bill, fate uncertain.


A sniper in the Canadian special forces shot and killed an Islamic State (IS) fighter from a distance of 2.1 miles in Iraq. The shot, which sources tell the paper was filmed, is thought to be a record for the longest confirmed kill. Reported by the U.S.A. today: Canadian sniper has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill in history. (Impressive! In my area, needing to shot anywhere near that distance while hunting is unheard of with most shots being well under 200 yards. But I’m good out to 500+ yards if needed.)


The Washington Post takes another jab at the Second Amendment with their article by Scott Clement entitled “44 percent of Americans know someone shot by a gun, and they’re just as divided about guns as the rest of us“. I’ve known a few unfortunate folks who have been shot by someone with a gun but I don’t know of anyone that’s ever been shot by a gun.  The Washington Post is using a play on words to demonize the gun and to plant a picture in readers brains that somehow the gun itself is evil and at fault. News flash Scott Clement – firearms are inanimate objects and have no ill intent of their own, that comes from the person behind the hand that holds it.

+ And from ABC News: America’s Relationship With Guns? New Research Shows It’s Complicated. No, it isn’t – the only thing difficult about America’s relationship with guns is how we can afford to buy more guns.

+ And from McClatchy DC: About a third of gun owners with children keep guns unlocked and loaded, study says. (When I was growing up we had guns all over the house, and yes, they were all loaded and ready to go and guess what… no one was shot, but then my brother and I were raised around guns had proper training with firearms, their use, and safety.)


There are now an estimated 700 grizzlies in the area that includes northwestern Wyoming, southwestern Montana, and eastern Idaho, leading the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conclude that the population has recovered. Grizzly bears once numbered about 50,000 and ranged over much of North America. Their population plummeted starting in the 1850s because of extensive hunting and trapping, and the bears now occupy only 2% of their original territory. Reports The LA Times: U.S. officials to lift Yellowstone grizzly bear protections. (I’ve not been fortunate enough to have ever seen a grizzly bear in the wild but have I’ve seen a number of black bears but then the estimated black bear population my state is over 6,000 so seeing one isn’t all that rare of an occurrence here.)

+ What to do if you see a black bear – Being too close may promote aggressive behavior from the bear such as running toward you, making loud noises, or swatting the ground. The bear is demanding more space. Don’t run, but slowly back away, watching the bear. Increase the distance between you and the bear. The bear will probably do the same.


If you’ve never had your profile picture stolen — lucky you. But it’s a serious problem, with fraudsters, trolls, and scammers often stealing the identity of others by harvesting the info they list publicly on Facebook. Via Business Insider: Facebook is trying to stop scammers from taking users’ profile pictures. (The best thing you can do to prevent this from happening is first to delete your Facebook account and then do something that’s useful.


When Pete D’Andrea landed a job at Google, he and his wife Kara wanted to avoid paying the sky high rent in Silicon Valley. So, Pete and Kara decided to move into Google’s parking lot. After befriending the security officers on campus, the young couple lived in the parking lot for two years and saved around 80% of their income. Via Business Insider: This couple lived in Google’s parking lot for two years and saved 80% of their earnings — here’s how they did it. (It can be done, how do I know… because, I’ve done it. I lived in a travel trailer for several years, saved just about every penny that I made and ended up buying a four bedroom house.)


A wooden big toe that enabled an Egyptian priest’s daughter to walk around 3,000 years ago has been found to be even more complex than researchers believed. It is thought to be one of the oldest prosthetic devices ever found. Reported by Ashley Strickland, CNN: Ancient Egyptian’s wooden toe is sophisticated prosthetic.


Some of the world’s worst diseases — think Ebola or AIDS — start in animals, jump the hurdle of species to enter humans and then get passed from person to person. These are called zoonotic or animal-origin infectious diseases. What if you could predict the location on this large and spinning globe where the next of these potentially deadly diseases will emerge? 69 news: Where in the world will next emerging disease appear?

+ The Daily Mail: Watch out for bats, monkeys, and rats: Researchers reveal the animals most likely to carry viruses that can infect humans.


In a new advisory, the American Heart Association (AHA) is recommending that people do not consume coconut oil. Several studies have found that coconut oil raised LDL cholesterol the same way as other saturated fats found in butter, beef fat and palm oil, the AHA reports.

+ Stop eating coconut oil! It’s only good as a moisturizer, study says.


+ Having more sex might keep you sharp in old age – I sure hope so, hey Susan read this…

+ Eating more fish could help reduce pain, other symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. (Or take a good quality fish oil – this is the one that I take.)

+ North Korea conducts another rocket engine test for ICBM, US officials say.

+ Meanwhile – US Navy ballistic missile intercept test fails.

Have a great evening – M.D. Creekmore

5 responses to Beating A Dead Horse

  1. tommy2rs June 22nd, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    #1 Nope, don’t care. They need to learn that there aren’t participation trophies in real life, only winners and losers and they lost.

    #3 I raised my kids around loaded and unlocked firearms and none of them or their friends were ever attacked by my guns. They never shot one another either. I used to hunt before and after school and had a rifle or shotgun in my truck all through high school and nobody got shot by them nor were they ever stolen.

    #4 What to do if you see a black bear? Shoot it, skin it, tan the hide, save the claws and teeth, render the fat and eat the meat in many and delicious ways. Yes gravy will be involved, sometimes various potato dishes as well. I wonder just how good two fat bear hams would taste after quality time in the smokehouse.

    #5 So Facebook sucks. It’s a shame nobody ever said that before. Oh wait…who was it that said, and I quote, “Anyone who uses Facebook or any of its ilk deserves everything they get”?

    #9 The AHA, aren’t these the same people that said eggs were bad for us, until all of a sudden they weren’t. Wonder who funded that study? Me, I’ll stay with my bacon grease, coconut oil, beef fat, lard, chicken fat, olive oil and butter. If it kills me so be it, everybody dies of something and at least my food will have been great tasting.


    • Izzy June 22nd, 2017 at 11:37 pm

      Tommy2rs; I remember as a kid, we had bacon, eggs and fatty stuff all the time. Real butter and whip cream were also staples. My parents lived well into their 90’s.

      My grandfather owned a cattle ranch and my mom and her siblings ate a lot of beef cooked in lard. They all lived into their mid to late 90’s as well. My great aunt was also a bacon freak and she passed at 108.

      Maybe the difference is, they ate a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. I also think genetics plays a role in who gets what.

      The study is funded in part by private donors and in part by the govt. through donations to the AHA. As it is with the cancer groups, AIDS research, etc.

      It is curious that so much money has been thrown at certain research foundations for decades, but no cures for what is being researched. Enter big pharma. Too many cures, less need for prescription medicines. Medicine is one big political game.


      • tommy2rs June 23rd, 2017 at 1:46 pm

        Lives were filled with much more physical activity back then as well. Kids worked at chores and played outside until dark. Running a household involved much more physical activity than it does today and was usually dawn to dusk or beyond. Like yours my predecessors, with few exceptions, tended to live into their 80’s and 90’s with diets that would horrify The AHA.

        May the bacon be with you….lol


  2. Izzy June 22nd, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    #3 Guns! Another issue I am sick of hearing about. More nonsense and no substance to the anti-gun leftists.

    I grew up around guns. My uncle taught me how to shoot when I was a young lass. My own children grew up around guns of all manner. I took them to the range with me and showed them the dangers of the different calibers….like a .44 mag. I left my sam brown belt hung over my bed post and NEVER had to worry about them messing with it. It’s all about being responsible and training your kids.

    #5 Facebook. Yup, it sucks. I refuse to join it. While I have lost out on a few things, certainly not anything that makes a big difference in my life. If you are on FB, go ahead and try to delete your account. Good luck!

    #9 Coconut oil. First it is good for you, then it isn’t. Wait 5 years and it will be good for you again.

    #10 LOL @ “hey Susan”. It is true, having sex as you get older is healthy. And not just psychologically (mentally), but physically as well.


  3. Izzy June 22nd, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    Personally, I am sick of all the Russia BS. Russia doesn’t want a war anymore than America does. Putin is not willing to risk his position by starting a war. Being tough around the mouth is one thing, but nuking another country is a whole different game.

    Same goes for Comey, Mueller and the rest of the idiots that keep stirring the pot with rhetoric. All smoke, no fire and a great way to keep people from looking deeper into the real problems. You can bet your sweet backside, the Clintons, Obamao, Soros and their minions are busy undermining our country.


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