The Best Urban Survival Kits and Get Home Bags For Preppers

Best Urban Survival Kits and Get Home Bags For Preppers

The Best Urban Survival Kits and Get Home Bags For Preppers

Most of you probably have a bug out bag – having a bug out bag is good insurance in the event you are forced to evacuate your home or retreat for some unforeseen reason. It seems most of us are ready to bug out,  but few of us have considered the need to find our way back home if caught away during an emergency.

No doubt, many of you spend a lot of time away from home, with work, school, and business sometimes taking you hundreds of miles away from home. Most of the time this isn’t an issue for me, but recently, I’ve had to make several trips to another state.

What would I do if disaster struck while we were several hundred miles from home? What would I do in the event of a terrorist attack, riot, earthquake or similar disaster? Could I get back home? What would we do if forced to stay in the area for several days or even weeks?

With any luck, I’ll be able to drive out and back home, but you never know – the roads could be blocked or impassable because of damage, the area could be quarantined or it could be too dangerous to move for several days.

As with anything related to survival, there are no guarantees – we can only plan and hope for the best.

To increase our odds of making it back or surviving in the city if needed, I’ve put together a “Get Home Kit” that I take on extended trips. Sure I could have just taken my bug out bag, but it really isn’t the best solution and the gear, for the most part, isn’t what I’d need in an urban setting.

The basic needs of water, shelter, food, and medical are the same in the wilderness or city, but the means of attainment are different in most cases. My bug out bag was put together for an extended trip to the woods, where I can make most of what I need from what mother nature has to offer.

If trapped in the city, I may have to scrounge or steal most of what we need to survive – especially if we are forced to stay and survive for an extended period. No, I’m not advocating theft or looting, but I’m not above it if the other alternative is starvation or death…

My get home kit is smaller than my bug out bag and weighs considerably less. Everything fits snugly inside a small dark gray and green backpack, that I bought at the local flea market for five dollars. I intentionally averted from camo or military type packs to avoid attracting attention.

What do I pack in my urban survival kit get back home to Tennessee bag? Let’s take a look…

My Get Home Urban Survival Kit Contents

Aside from and in addition to the get home kit, I pack a large cooler with food and drinks for the trip, partly for emergencies but mainly because I’m cheap and don’t want to waste money buying fast food along the way. I also carry sleeping bags in my truck during winter along with my winter emergency car kit and a full toolbox.

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