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  1. A poll you can believe in….uh hih.

    It appears the LGBT folks can’t seem to get along …..even with each other.

  2. Almost There says:

    Cholera outbreak – these things will start happening more frequently, and not just in other countries. My prayer and hope is that you are getting right with the Lord in order to survive what is coming to America.

  3. tommy2rs says:

    Texas, three more states on California’s banned travel list
    California is restricting publicly funded travel to four more states because of recent laws that leaders here view as discriminatory against gay and transgender people. All totaled, California now bans most state-funded travel to eight states. The new additions to California’s restricted travel list are Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota. They join Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee as states already subjected to the ban.

    Good that covers most of my favorite states, the fewer Californians there the better. I still think Trump’s fence should include California to keep the crazy contained.

    30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May
    I keep saying the civil war has already started.

  4. Almost There says:

    Control trucking – Control us

    On SteveQuayledot com alerts

    Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country. WARNING AND HEADS UP ON COMING DICTATORIAL AND TOTAL CONTROL OF OVER THE ROAD TRUCKING, MONITORED IN REAL TIME-

    Steve, thought your readers would like to know about this. Trucking as a whole is a mess, but about to get really bad. On dec 18 2017 a mandate goes into effect called the ELD or electronic logging device mandate. Put together under the Map21 plan. Doesnt sound bad, we all go paperless, woohoo.
    Well there is more to it. Today I spoke with a fmcsa enforcement agent, asking some questions, he boldly stated that this “was about tracking”, and pointed me to some info. As an owner I have been looking into this more deeply. This mandate, requires all trucks, with only 4 clear exceptions, to install a device to electronically keep drivers hours of service. The scary part is, this device Must be certified by fmcsa, Must be registered with fmcsa, Must be hard wired into the trucks ECM ( engine computer) allowing access to telemetry, Must have internal GPS, Must identify driver and his/her last 7 days + current days hours of service including shipper and commodity and Must be accessible on demand by fmcsa agents by telmetrics or bluetooth. Plus more.
    In other words, they will be electronically tracking every truck. Knowing company, unit, driver, location, speed, direction, shipper, and commodity, In Real Time
    All this to keep us from “cheating” on our logs?
    I call BS.
    I said before, trucks are the red blood cells of the american body, everthing moves by truck, Everything. Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country.
    The government will have absolute tyranical control of the transport of goods when this kicks in. And it is going to have an affect on everyone, access to goods, prices, ect.
    They got control of banking, healthcare, now the supply lines, whats next?
    Prep now, why you can.
    Good luck to you all, and God bless

    Jun 21, 2017

    • tommy2rs says:

      Werner was using it back in the “oughts”, their drivers I talked to liked it, said it was a lot less headache for them.

    • almost there,
      thanks for the heads up.
      think of the extenuating factors. easier for drivers but total control is just a click away.
      trucks bring medicine food, water and supply the remote parts of our country, too.
      if you are someone’s political enemy and you need insulin–the delivery is mysteriously delayed to your area.
      it doesn’t matter to the evil doer behind the delay that hundreds of other diabetics may die along with the political opponent because he has rid himself of opposition.
      just the tip of one of several icebergs.

  5. tommy2rs says:

    Dems lose again*/Article_2017-06-21-US–House%20Election-Georgia/id-51f583b53fa74b16a4478847dc5ba35b

    Still a slim margin, too slim to call a great victory. Wonder who the Dems will blame this time with the failed state of Illinois providing a graphic example of Dem leadership at it’s finest.

  6. tommy2rs says:

    This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing

    Second Amendment Foundation: Scalise Shooting Result of Democratic Hate Speech

    Fancy that.

  7. tommy2rs says:

    Illinois Liberal and fanatic Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois shoots Rep. Scalise, an aide and two cops at Congressional baseball practice this morning before being shot to death himself. Leftist twitter celebrates. The good guys are all expected to recover. Just go to Drudge for details it’s all over the page.

    At least Sanders had the decency to disavow this scumbag’s actions.

    • Almost There says:


      I always wonder why they say someone will recover… Yeah, maybe physically, but people forget about the mental anguish and damage this does, most likely lasting a lifetime. PTSD is in order… Sad.

  8. tommy2rs says:

    Press and hold the Ctrl key and hit the End key and you go straight to the bottom of any page. Ctrl and Home takes you to the top of any page in a similar manner

    After the first time you fill in the boxes when you close the page tab and then come back later just type the first letter of your email in the email box and it shows up as a clickable choice in a drop down. Same thing in the name box. Until you close the browser when it resets, assuming you have it set to wipe all cookies, forms and such at closing. Then you have have to type it in again.

  9. Almost There says:

    Paul Craig Roberts – Is Vladimir Putin The Most Powerful Man On Earth?

    • Almost There says:

      Any chance of getting the comment box to the top so we don’t have to scroll to the bottom.

      And I have to keep putting in my email address and name each time. Can it save it from previous posting to this section?

      • Almost There,

        I don’t know of a way to move the comment form to the top – I could go back to the WordPress commenting system and that might allow your email to appear automatically.

        • Almost There says:

          Maybe that would help. No matter how many times I post, I still have to put in my info every time. I don’t have it set to delete on exit….

        • Almost There says:

          Also, when I post, it totally refreshes the screen… And doesn’t come back to where I was like the blog does when you post. it getting a little frustrating…

  10. Almost There says:
  11. tommy2rs says:

    Microsoft to shut down on December 15, 2017


    Amazon shuts down unlimited storage plan for Drive
    And this is why I don’t use cloud services, because they can be taken away or limited at a company’s whim.

  12. tommy2rs says:

    RECALL: Ruger Issues Safety Warning For MKIV Pistols

    If you have a MKIV you might want to check your serial number and see if you need to send it in.

  13. Jesse Mathewson says:
  14. Almost There says:

    Brad Thor Brings the Hammer Down on Radical Islam

  15. Almost There says:

    Think it can’t happen here, think again. Who is minding the store? Wonder how long he has been here, wonder if he’s on welfare? Comments on this article are most interesting.

    Preacher Who Helped ‘Radicalize’ London Attacker Lives In Michigan

  16. Almost There says:

    Christian Farmer Banned From Market For Views on Gay Marriage – See more at:

  17. Almost There says:

    Documentary June 7th – Health Ranger featured in “The Sacred Plant” documentary series airing June 7th – You can register using the link embedded in the article.

    • Almost There says:

      Last night was the first episode and it was nothing short of spectacular. Opened my eyes wide open. Very good documentary. There are 7 more episodes.

  18. Almost There says: reporting from the Philippines – “Muslim Man Rescues Sixty-Four From Being Beheaded By Jihadist Terrorists”

  19. Almost There says:

    Steve Quayles’ YouTube channel latest video “Steve Quayle – For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; ”

    • Almost There says:

      Not sure what happened to the video, but if you do a search on the topic, or go to Steve Quayle’s YouTube channel, you will find it.

  20. Almost There says:

    Soshable – When it comes to terrorism, yes, jump to conclusions

  21. Matt Walsh – Dear Christians in America: Never Forget How Easy You Have It

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