Build a Raised Bed Garden From Tires

Posted by on December 21, 2017 8:46 am
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This project has been in existence since about 2006, and merely began as a clean-up project on my friend’s farm. The Hildred farm has been running for about 70 years, and has had numerous vehicles come and go, though the tires have stayed around. When they inquired about disposing of them, the cost at that time to dispose of a tire was $3 PER POUND! As anyone who has flipped a tire knows, the disposal of a single tire could break the bank at that price. Something had to be done, and thus from necessity was born the Tire Garden! We’ve developed these mostly through trial and error, and though we’ve sold a few we want to teach you how to build them if you want to.

After the first few years of growing in these, we realized that not bending down was not only comfortable, it made weeding enjoyable! This made fewer weeds, which meant bigger plants. Because of this, it’s very useful for those who don’t want to bend down to weed but still like to grow a garden, like your parents or grandparents. Although our first gardens were made from tractor tires, we had a few semi truck tires around too. These turned out to be movable with the fork lift, and therefore pretty handy to give away as presents (yes we asked first). We filled the bottom 2/3 with mulch created as waste from a pallet recycler, filled the top with locally produced compost, and wrapped a “skin” on the outside made from off-cuts of the hardwood and lumber industries. When we found out that one of the world’s largest tire dumps which is  visible from space, was about an hour from us, it occurred to us that we could perhaps call these neat little gardens “99% repurposed materials”!

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    A few pictures would help your article.


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      You have to click through to read the article at the source site.


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