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Here you will find information on bushcraft, outdoor survival, and camping topics. If it happens in the woods then it will be found here.

How to Make a Fire in The Wilderness

by Richard Grimes No discover since the beginning of time has been more important to the development of mankind, then the discovery of Fire.  The simple presence of fire added to the routinely “normal” day in the outdoors instantly adds the feeling of safety to any situation.  In any severe […]

Cold weather clothing

What’s The Best Extreme Cold Weather Clothing?

by Andrew Skousen and Joel Skousen, authors, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home Threats of the Cold: Every year people die during the cold and storms of winter because of lack of preparation. Motorists get stuck in blizzards and succumb to the cold when their fuel runs out and old […]

homemade box trap

How To Build A Live Animal Trap (aka Box Trap)

No doubt many of you have read about various improvised and homemade traps in one of the many outdoor survival books and thought, Wow, what a great idea—I could do that. Indeed, many of the ideas and diagrams shown are ingenious, and a few of them actually work to trap […]

Camouflage for hunting wild bore

The Best Camouflage Pattern for Hunting By Season

by Brandon Cox When shopping for camouflage, it’s hard to resist the bargain area where camos are sold for less than retail. Usually, the camos featured in the clearance section are out of season. However, some hunters will jump at the chance to save on camouflage and wear it in the […]