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Here you will find articles on personal and DIY home security, including information about home alarms, unarmed self-defense, and armed self-defense and other related topics.

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The Best Way to Secure Your Home by Scott the Cop

by Scott the Cop If you are truly serious about issues of self-defense then you might be interested to know that the police are not required by law to protect you.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the police have no constitutional requirement to provide anyone protection even if that person has a protection order from a court.  Going one step further, the police cannot protect you.  I should know since I’m a former police officer. Quite simply, the...

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How Can I Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online?

Quote from “Dear Stratfor Member, We have learned that Stratfor’s website was hacked by an unauthorized party.” by Gail S – reprinted here for 2012 I have a subscription with  The firm, under the tutelage of George Friedman, does an analysis of the data coming in from all over the world on political and economic matters, or at least those are the items that I find interesting to follow.  And that is the reason I have the subscription....

Ruger 10/22 Review – American’s Most Popular .22 LR

As I get older I am less likely to follow trends and popularity contests than ever before. This is definitely the case with firearms. Having learned that quality in firearms can be had from many manufacturers and with many designs, owning a firearm just because Tom, Dick or Mary down the street do, lost its appeal years back. The Ruger 10/22 is a solid firearm and while my experiences may be abnormal, they should not...

Survival Retreat Security in Low Light Situations

Survival Retreat Security in Low Light Situations

by SurvivorDan While the grid is up or generators are running, I suggest layers of lighting. Security lights (check these out at around the residence are the norm. They should be aimed out and be annoyingly blindingly bright. I have two sets on separate circuits so if one set has malfunctioned or is taken out I can turn on the other and still illuminate the same area. I like automatic motion sensors coupled with...

What Is The Best Home Defense Weapon That Isn’t A Gun?

  Open-ended questions like these are often answered using personal experience or second-hand chatter. What is often ignored are the actual studies and verified results coming from these studies. For instance in the United States did you know that while Bear Spray (somewhat more elevated approach to pepper spray) works very well on animal encounters while similar products are less likely to have an immediate stopping effect on humans? (Smith, et al. 2006) (Vesaluoma, et...

How to Make Your Rural Home Safe From Intruders

by Patrick F Alarms are usually one of two types, audio, or visual, although some can be a combination of the two. Alarms are also a great resource if used effectively and acted upon when triggered. They allow an extra layer of protection/defense especially if one is short of personnel. Placed effectively alarms can enable a single person to monitor a much larger area than would normally be possible. While there are many types of...

Home Security and Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone

by Susan B The security at home essay reminded of something that happened to me a few years back. I was having another sleepless night a few months after my husband had passed away, I fell asleep around 3 AM, I woke up 20 or 30 minutes later to my back door being kicked in, a man screaming to let him in. I was certain he could not gain entry as I’d replaced the door...

Home Defense Tips & Fortification For SHTF

Knowing how to defend your home from home invasion and attack is an important survival skill and one that you should master so you can protect yourself, your family and perhaps, your community from the roving bands of the unprepared after TSHTF (the shit hits the fan). This his article is meant to be a crash course in home defense tips for preppers however the information is also vital for anyone living in rural areas...

Top 20 Firearms Priced Under $1000 With Most Under $500

“According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one’s plans.” Sun Tsu (For the sake of continuity all facts pertaining to ballistics are listed as links at the end of the article, and not within the article. I have not submitted my own testing results, simply because from experience, I have found people ignore my results if they go against what they believe. When it comes from someone else, eg., the FBI or some other organization,...

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How To Make Pepper Spray At Home

by Jarhead 03 In the event of an economic collapse or other unknown situation where you can no longer purchase pepper spray, you may come upon a situation where the firearm is not needed, conserve ammo, keep animals and pests away from plants or you just don’t like guns. You may have to make it yourself and thankfully it’s easy to make the best pepper spray at home. Please note: Making your own pepper spray involves risk of injury...

Adjusting your daily habits to increase your safety and prevent threats to self!

This is a quick approach that will help you get started, it is not meant to replace common sense or the rational use of intelligent approaches in your daily life. There are a few simple realities that must be understood and accepted with regards to our modern lives and the ability to stalk, track and or find people in general. Everyone has an internet presence ¹ (some less than others, some slightly more secure) The...

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Concealment Strategies Against Social Unrest, Theft, or Confiscation

It is wise to prepare to conceal your supplies from the government as well as from desperate people who may turn to looting and theft in order to survive.

In this article, I’m going to talk about strategies for concealment rather than specific designs—which have to be customized to each specific situation, and shouldn’t be published anyway, lest they become compromised.

Remember too that you must be prepared to secure people as well as your supplies.  Social unrest and even government may be a threat to your person as well, and your supplies won’t do you any good if you are dead.   A well designed safe room can provide for both protection of people and your essential supplies if they have temporary living facilities included for an emergency where you may need to get out of harm’s way.

Training your Situational Awareness

Training your Situational Awareness or dying: which do you prefer?

Situational Awareness is understanding, observing and being involved in your immediate environment. The technical definition is, “the perception of the elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, comprehension of their meaning and the projection of their status in the near future.”¹ As individuals who desire to be prepared for what life may throw at us, having a well tuned situational awareness is easily the most important thing we can do.

How do we train ourselves to be prepared all while maintaining a safe immediate environment?

ifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms

LifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms: Weekly Product Review

When this firearm first came out I was both intrigued and dismayed, I saw another gimmick versus a workable tool for defense, hunting or competition. Over the past couple of years and with research and quite a bit of going back and forth I decided to accept the offer and test LifeCard® using several approaches. Being someone who carries backups for my primaries and even just in case firearms on top of that, this appeals to that niche. However, seeing as how it is a single shot in .22lr and not easily reloaded, the drawbacks are apparent instantly.

How To Put Together an Effective Patrol / Guard Duty Kit

How To Put Together an Effective Patrol / Guard Duty Kit

This kit is a light weight kit that will allow you to be extremely mobile, yet well-armed when patrolling your property line, or while stationed at an LP/OP (listening post / observation post). This is also the kit that you would “grab and go with” when you know that a threat is approaching… Take this kit and your weapons and move into position at your predetermined defensive position. This kit will include water, binoculars, flashlight,...