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Here you will find articles on knives, and other bladed tools and techniques for their use and well as state knife laws that all knife owners need to know.

Florida Knife Laws

Florida Knife Laws – A Guide for Knife Carriers

As one of the prime areas of the country for outdoor enthusiasts, Florida offers myriad recreational activities that require the use of a knife. From cutting through fishing lines to establishing a roped perimeter for a sand volleyball match, knives are a common part of everyday Floridian life. [ Note: Out […]

knife laws in Arizona

Arizona Knife Laws – A Guide for Knife Carriers

America is a federalist country, giving states and local governments a great amount of autonomy to enact their own laws. This means we will often see different laws in different states, and that is certainly true for laws concerning knives. [ Note: Out of all of the pocket knives available on […]

kentucky-flag - KENTUCKY KNIFE LAWS

Kentucky Knife Laws – A Guide for Knife Carriers

Kentucky, which is known for its scenic hills and handcrafted bourbons, is also known for being one of the more friendlier knife owning states located in America. As a 19th-century pioneer who fought at the Alamo, Jim Bowie played an integral role in pushing for Texas independence. Bowie received a […]

Kephart by Condor Knife and Tool Review

It should be common knowledge by now, I have a serious steel addiction. My dad has built knives for most of my life, I also built a few and own several dozen at any given moment. When it comes to useful tools I am a firm believer in having a good knife around always! The Kephart by Condor Knife & Tool is one of my personal favorites when it comes to daily use. Originally it was designed by Horace Kephart author of Camping and Woodcraft one of the amazing books I own in print (and will be reviewing for you all soon).

It was during his time spent in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina that he wrote Camping and Woodcraft and designed the Kephart blade. Around 3 years ago I read an article on this particular blade type and being an avid collector and user of good steel, decided to do some searching for one. Now it should be noted that I firmly believe in the value of a good blade, specifically the Morakniv line of knives. However, I am always looking for other blades that may fit different or similar roles and the Kephart is a blade that can do that!