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Here you will find information on living off the grid including solar power and detailed information on other alternative and off-the-grid power alternatives.

How to make a rocket stove

How to Make a Rocket Stove

by Randy As a frugal and self, sufficient individual, you may be interested in an alternative to the earthen block, tin can or commercially made, version of a rocket stove.  Here is another effective alternative to those found in articles that are circulating on the internet, YouTube or in “Prepper Blogs” these days. I have not seen anyone touting or describing how to turn common black stove-pipe fittings into a rocket stove so I will try...

Homemade Solar Food Dehydrator That Works

Homemade Solar Food Dehydrator That Works!

by Carol B You will be building three (3) different box-like units, all of which will fit together and work to dry your food in the sun. The finished dimensions of your solar dryer will be two (2) feet by four (4) feet. You will not be building legs from these directions, but could do that very easily “whenever”. If you are going to build legs, we suggest using PVC pipe and setting them in 5-gallon...

keep an old house warm in cold weather

How to Keep an Old House Warm in Winter?

by Repair Mama I just wanted to do a post on trying to save money by making your home cost you a little less.  Why give your money to the utility when you can use it to prep.  They get enough of our hard earned dollars as it is. I have used these methods for years, (my older home is a nightmare) Doors and heat loss… Your home has 2 ways to lose heat in the...

Can You Use Diesel Fuel In Kerosene Appliances

Can You Use Diesel Fuel In Kerosene Appliances?

by Jeff in Ohio It is well-known that diesel engines are capable of using other fuels besides diesel. This includes kerosene (with added lubrication). But how well does diesel work in items designed for kerosene? Theoretically, they should be almost interchangeable. But are they? I decided to find out for myself. First, I will describe the items used followed by the results of using diesel fuel in them. The fuel used in the testing was...

DIY Backup Power System for Home or Off-Grid Cabin

by Papa Bear The Dallas Observer published a report[i] recently that Texas has the worst electric grid in the nation. This was based on a North American Electric Reliability Corp report[ii]. That’s not very encouraging. They are also reporting that there is the possibility of rolling blackouts in 2013. For a couple of years, I have had the interest in setting up a backup power system for home use. There is a mobile system that...

homesteading in Tennessee

Homesteading In Tennessee (Tips For Finding Your Homestead)

By Sandra A number of years ago I awoke to the unpleasant reality that when the stuff hits the fan and people were unable to get food and water, they would spill out into the suburbs, even past the burbs, to our sleepy community, to take what they wanted by any means they could.  Although I lived in a “safe” area with preps, a garden and neighbors who were hunters, I realized I could not expect...

solar power station

Building A Mobile Solar Power Station

by Dan W One of the more important things we’ve wanted to include with our other prepping supplies is a communication system. Something beyond two cans and a string! Should a catastrophic event occur we don’t expect help in the form of government assistance will be readily available. Besides, we are leery and don’t think we’d want that kind of help ……….. even if it was offered. At least not until things have shaken out a bit...

solar charger review

Hiluckey Solar Charger Review

Legally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. As with the large majority of products I review, I have not received this product or any compensation. There may be affiliate links in the material that utilize Amazon as a platform. However, unlike other blogs, we follow the laws here, even if the laws are intrusive. Additionally due to recent comments and emails received, I want to...

tankless-water-heater for off the grid shower

Installing a Tankless Propane Water Heater for Home or Off Grid Cabin

by Patientmomma When I purchased my country property several years back it was in dire need of updating.  Over the last few years, I have gradually replaced many items which were hanging on at their end of life!  The conventional, tank water heater was approximately 15 years old and while it worked, it took between 5 to 7 minutes to get hot water to the master bathroom, depending on outside temperature. I knew it needed...

heating and cooking with a wood-stove

Heating and Cooking Off-The-Grid With A Wood Stove

by Dan W This topic has been frequently discussed around our table as one of the prime problems we needed to resolve. I thought that you all might be interested in our solution. We live about as far north as you can go and still be in the continental U.S. It is about 60 miles to the Canadian border by road and 35 miles or so as the crow flies. Winter is the dominant season...

fuel storage

Long-Term Fuel Storage and Selection For SHTF Preparedness

By R. V. Zeigler In any survival situation, some type of fuel is necessary be it liquid, vapor, or solid. Fuel will be used for heat, light, transportation, and cooking. Each fuel has its good and bad points. You do not know when you will need this fuel so the effects of long-term storage are a primary consideration. Solid Fuel: The most common solid fuel is firewood. Different woods give different amounts of heat for...


Do It Yourself Off The Grid Solar Power System

by Robert B Building an off-grid power source for your home or “Bug Out” location is not as difficult as you may think. Having power can drastically improve the quality of life during a long or short-term power outage. After losing all of our food during a three-day power outage after a severe storm, we learned quickly that taking the power grid for granted was not a good time. Please keep in mind that we...

Honda eu2000 generator

Honda EU2000i: My favorite generator for backup power

You never know what life is going to throw your way. Whether your property runs on solar power, wind power, water power, the power company grid, or a combination you should expect something to happen regardless of how well you design your power system or how well the power company has provided power in the past. That is why you need a backup power system. You don’t want to be without power whether your loss of...

water power off grid

Alternative Energy Sources For The Homestead Part Three – Water Power

Off-grid living will give you a life of security and freedom that few experience today.

You will be living a sustainable life; a life where you are producing more than you consume. A life where you are not dependent on outside resources because you create your own resources. An environmentally responsible life that uses renewable sources to create energy.

But when you’re not getting your electricity from a power company, or the ‘power grid,’ where do you begin?

For many, this might seem daunting. But you have options. Solar and wind power are an option many choose, but they can often be inconsistent. With micro-hydro systems or water power, you don’t have that volatility. Water generally runs throughout the day, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions outside. If you have the right resources on your property, you can produce large quantities of electricity.

Perfect for off-grid living. Ready to get started?

wind power off grid

Alternative Energy Sources For The Homestead Part Two – Wind Power

Wind can provide a great source of energy for you and your family when you are living off-grid or for a backup power source. 

By choosing a life off-grid, you are choosing a life of independence, a life of self-sufficiency. It is a life where you use the resources the Earth provides and only take what you need. The grocery store doesn’t provide your food, your backyard does.

But it’s not the easiest life. It’s much simpler to just flip a light switch and not even think about where that electricity came from. Because for most people, that electricity just came from some power company that you are vaguely familiar with.

But when you live off-grid, you harvest the energy.

One of your options for energy when you live off-grid is wind power. This invisible mass of air that we often complain about can provide energy to your home. And you can get started yourself. But what does that entail?