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What Foods Should A Prepper Store?

In Prepping and Survivalism by M.D. Creekmore9 Comments

    When it comes to storing enough food to survive, unassisted and on your own for three to six months or a full year or maybe even longer is the point where most new preppers get overwhelmed and some give up altogether. And while I agree that storing and rotating such a large amount of food on a continuing …

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How To Stay Warm During a Power Outage

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Let’s face it, heating your home during a long-term power outage is probably one of the biggest challenges that a homeowner facing the cold winter has to overcome. You have to keep your body temperature in the normal range i.e. above 95 F (35 C) or hypothermia will start to set in. When your body temperature drops, your heart, nervous …

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How To Make A Homemade Water Filter

In Prepping and Survivalism by M.D. Creekmore2 Comments

When asked where they should start their survival preparations, most people answer food storage. Wrong. In fact, food isn’t even in the top three survival priorities. The most important elements of survival are oxygen, shelter from extreme weather, and water. Depending on health, physical activity, and environment, and with limited activity, most humans can survive:  Five minutes or less …

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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

In Prepping and Survivalism by Contributor5 Comments

by Marc White All hell has broken loose. Society has crumbled. Your front lawn is filled with zombies. You might be wondering how this happened. That’s not the point. The zombie apocalypse is here and unless you plan on getting eaten alive, you are going to need to know how to survive. Don’t panic.  I’m going to teach you everything …

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Survival

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by Millie in K In the rush of prepping for your family, don’t forget the canine members (and other pets) of your family! I will be writing about dogs, much of this same information will apply to cats and other pets. I have owned and cared for dogs all my life, owned a boarding kennel, taught obedience classes and trained service …

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Flood Survival Tips | How To Survive Before, During, And After A Flood

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by Joe Alton, MD of, co-author of The Survival Medicine Handbook There’s a lot of information on the risks associated with storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, but not as much about their consequences. Just about any storm can cause flooding, and many communities are not prepared to deal with it. As a result, water supplies are contaminated, emergency services are …

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Kentucky as a Survival Retreat Location For Preppers

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By Joel Skousen Author,  Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home Kentucky and Tennessee are a couple of my favorite states for relocation for those already in the East looking for safety.  They are both in or beyond the Appalachian chain of mountains which will channel refugee flows coming from the east into known highway corridors, which can be strategically avoided.  …

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How Much Food Should a Prepper Have?

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by SW A prepper should have at least a three month supply of food in storage at all times. Keep in mind that a three-month food supply is a bare minimum, with a years supply or more being ideal. When striving for a years supply it’s best to build your food supply in smaller increments of one month at a …

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What Survival Skills Does A Prepper Need?

In Prepping and Survivalism by M.D. Creekmore8 Comments

Top 15 Essential Prepper Skills to Learn Now! Any person who sets out to acquire a set of survival skills must start with a brutally honest self-assessment. If you don’t make a truthful appraisal of where you are in terms of your survival skills and knowledge, you have no reliable means of getting to where you want to be. Do …