Small Acreage Homesteading

Here you will find articles on small acreage homesteading and farming topics such as homestead setup and how to buy a cheap homestead. You’ll also find articles on topics such as gardening, DIY projects, raising livestock etc.

how to make a rabbit cage

How to Make a Rabbit Cage

by Anthony Purpura For the longest time, I was toiling with the idea of getting rabbits for my homestead.  As we all know they grow fast, the feed to finished meat ratio is the best of almost any animal, they don’t require a lot of space and they are easy […]

how to make a seed starter

How to Make a Seed Starter Box

By Juleigh Howard-Hobson Mirrored flush-mounted bathroom medicine cabinets are easily one of the most non-upcycled objects out there. They are short and shallow. They don’t stand by themselves. And, frankly, they aren’t very nice to look at once they are out of their recessed wall enclosure. But, the thing is, […]

Mini Farming on a 1/3-Acre Suburban Lot

Mini Farming on a 1/3-Acre Suburban Lot

By: JenMar Gather together a group of preparedness minded folks and the conversation invariably turns to pulling up stakes and moving to the country to create a self-reliant home and life. But, for many, moving is not an option. Work, family, kids, health, personal responsibilities are all valid reasons keeping […]

How to Cure Fungus Problems on Fruit Trees

How to Cure Fungus Problems on Fruit Trees

By Kate in GA While this technique will work with all perennial plants, my focus for this article is really on the perennials in the garden.  I will specifically talk about fruit trees. However, this will work on all perennial plants that may be giving you problems. Let me start […]