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A Quick Overview to Safe Home Canning

A Quick Overview to Safe Home Canning

by Prep Kat I know we have a lot of seasoned canners in the Pack. This article is aimed at the few who are afraid to jump in or are just starting out. Home canning is such a wonderful way to store food for later. Anyone can do it – you just need to learn to do it safely. We grow and can food for many reasons; to keep our abundant harvest, to save money, to ensure healthy...

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Ten Amazing Book Related Life Hacks for the Modern Homesteader!

Some of the following hacks will be familiar to many of you. While they will not all work for everyone they are all tested and work amazingly well. Things like these are often a balance of desire, need, and monetary ability.

For myself, I have time while I do not have excess monies which is why these hacks are used in some cases. For legal purposes, this is only an educational article and all hacks have been done by experienced professionals.

Straw Bale, Rammed Earth, and Earthbag: Three Unique Building Methods for Your Homestead

by Adam Leviness If you’re reading this site it’s probably because you either are or dream of becoming, a homesteader. Living off your own piece of land, becoming more self-sufficient, and living a more simple lifestyle. Maybe you have even started looking at pieces of land in the country that will be able to provide everything you and your family need. If you’re really lucky you already own that piece of land and are just...

ducks vs chickens for the homestead

Ducks vs Chickens For the Small Scale Homesteader

Beginning your small homestead is an exciting process every step of the way! One of those exciting, pivotal steps in a homesteads’ early development is the introducing of livestock.  Whether you have already begun exploring the idea of creating your backyard homestead or have started living the dream, you most likely have heard the often recommended starter livestock is chickens!  They are somewhat low maintenance compared to other farm animals, take up little space, are efficient producers of eggs and meat, highly entertaining, and relatively low cost.

What’s The Difference Between Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Seeds?

At the beginning of the growing season most gardeners, simply head to their nearest garden center and pick up whatever seed packets that are being displayed on the shelf that year, or they skip the seeds and their germination altogether by purchasing seedlings and transplanting those directly into their garden. And why this works well (sometimes) during “good times” when you can still rely on going back and getting new seed for planting a new...

Is Treated Lumber Safe for Building Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens?

Is Treated Lumber Safe for Building Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens?

I’ve received several emails from readers asking if I had built my raised vegetable garden beds using treated lumber and they then proceeded to inform me of the health risks involved with the use of treated wood in my garden if I had. One reader’s email gave a dire warning to the effect that I would surely die from the first bite of produce taken from the garden if treated lumber was used to construct the frames because arsenic would leach into the surrounding soil and...