Road Rage is Still Rage

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

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Police say road rage led to the death of a 17-year-old girl who was walking to a Sterling mosque after a pre-dawn trip to McDonald’s with a group of other teens early Sunday morning. Reported by WTOP: Police: Road rage blamed for killing of Va. Muslim teen.

+ What most mainstream news outlets have failed to report (intentionally left out) is the alleged attacker one Darvin Martinez Torres is an illegal immigrant as reported by the Toronto Sun: Suspected illegal immigrant Darvin Martinez Torres accused of brutally beating Muslim girl in road rage incident.


Nasa’s Kepler space telescope has discovered over 200 potential planets. Nasa scientists released a comprehensive catalogue, listing 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which are “near-Earth size and orbiting in their star’s habitable zone”, indicating that they could play host to alien life. Kepler’s latest discoveries bring up the total number of potential planets found by the space telescope to 4,034, of which 2,335 have been verified as exoplanets. Reported by International Business Time: Nasa discovers 10 Earth-like potential planets that could host alien life. (In my humble opinion they have already discovered life on other planets but have decided not to inform the general public of their findings.)


An armed Russian fighter jet buzzed a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft in the Baltic Sea on Monday, two U.S. officials told Fox News. The Russian Su-27 jet had air-to-air missiles under its wings and approached the U.S. Air Force RC-135 recon jet “rapidly,” coming within five feet of the American aircraft, the officials said. Fox News World: Armed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet.

+ Russia is constantly improving its nuclear deterrence and is very close to deploying new technologically-advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles which can defeat any US missile defense systems. Reports RT NewsRussia’s new ICBMs can ‘rip apart’ US anti-missile systems.

+ Also, reported by RT News: Russia & China announce new ‘unspecified’ measures to US’ anti-missile system in S. Korea. And, China tests new missile near Korean peninsula. And, Iran has to get in a jab too – Iranian commander warns US of ‘irreversible consequences’ over ‘unprofessional’ moves in Gulf. (We are itching towards WW3 folks – and the U.S. military and the nation isn’t ready for an all-out world war three, which is very different than the “world policing” engagements that they’ve became used to.)


“It’s very unusual. “It’s sort of like someone being struck by lightning.” Fox News: Black bears kill 2 in Alaska.


When doctors in China removed 30 inches of a young man’s colon, they also removed nearly 29 lbs. (13 kilograms) of his feces. The 22-year-old’s belly had swelled past the size that would be seen in a pregnant woman, at full-term, according to a Chinese news agency that reported his case. He told doctors that he had been constipated since birth, and that laxatives provided only slight relief. Fox News Health: Man’s 29 lbs. of poop removed.

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Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

If you’re a rock fan from the 80’s like I am then you remember the Motley Crew song “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” well it looks like that’s Vanity Fair’s not so subtle suggestion to Hillary Rotting Clinton when they ask; CAN HILLARY CLINTON PLEASE GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT? I’ve always thought of Hillary Rotting Clinton as being similar to what I’ve read about genital herpes in that she is always there waiting in the background and never really going away, and then when least expected there’s an outbreak of festering sores and itching. Maybe she should have been named Herpes Rotting Clinton?

+ Biden: I knew Hillary would lose the election.

2. Take Your ‘Sharia Law’ and Shove It

ACT for America (which has over 525,000 members) is spearheading several anti-Sharia Law rallies across the country today and of course the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is screaming “racism” and calling ACT for America an anti-Muslim hate group. I think that the folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center and Muslims around the world should all go eat bacon…. Yummy, good I love bacon. NBC News: ACT for America to Stage Marches Against ‘Sharia Law’ Nationwide.

+ Anti-Muslim rallies across the US denounced by civil rights groups.

+ Southern Poverty Law Center – Black Lives Matter Is Not a Hate Group.

+ When you look at the facts it’s easy to see that The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Far Left-Liberal Hate Group.

3. Not Fit to Serve

Scatterbrained House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi does it again referred to President Trump as “President Bush” and forgetting what day of the week it is – her confusion came just two hours after suggesting that President Trump was losing his mind. Looks like she is the one losing her mind and not Trump… if she ever had one to start with… Grabien News: Moments After Questioning Trump’s Mental Health, Pelosi Has Senior Moment.

4. The Funny Is Over… 

Cosby might testify at his sexual assault trial. Legal experts, however, say putting the 79-year-old on the stand would be an enormous risk as he fights charges he drugged and violated Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. Cosby has said the encounter was consensual. AP: Bill Cosby on the stand? Experts say it would be a huge risk.

+ No more pudding pops – while your right hand is doing this your left hand can be dropping a Mickey Finn.

5. Mine Isn’t 

According to Medical Xpress Home, blood pressure monitors inaccurate 70 percent of the time. I questioned the accuracy of my home blood pressure monitor a few years ago so I took it with me to the doctor and checked the reading along with their check and there was only one point difference between the two. My blood pressure is normal by-the-way, however, most of my family tends to read on the high-side so I check mine every month or so to see where it is.

+ Mayo Clinic: 10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication.

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President Trump, Dance of Joy

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Dance of Joy

President Trump goes to his Twitter declaring “total and complete vindication” after the Comey Show yesterday, he also said Comey is a leaker. And I have to agree that Trump has a lot to be happy about after Comey’s testimony which amounted to a whole lot of nothing and Comey himself admitted to leaking information to the press through a friend.

+ He also revealed that Loretta Lynch ordered cover-up of Hillary Clinton criminal investigation.

+ Comey Testimony More Spectacle Than Substance.

+ Trump lawyer to file complaint about leaked memos…

+ Comey: MSM Stories On Russia ‘Dead Wrong,’ Admits To Orchestrating Leak To Press, Obama AG Influenced Clinton Investigation.

+ Meanwhile… Comey whines saying that Trump administration ‘chose to defame me’.

2. One Second After

Several Russian generals admitted in 2004 that several designs for a “super EMP nuclear weapon” had been transferred to North Korea and that Pyongyang, was only a few years away from developing super EMP capability. While the most likely target for an EMP attack from North Korea would be Japan or South Korea an attack on the U.S. is indeed possible.

“North Korea could make an EMP attack against the United States by launching a short-range missile off a freighter or submarine or by lofting a warhead to 30 kilometers burst height by balloon,” wrote Mr. Graham earlier this month on the security blog 38 North. “Even a balloon-lofted warhead detonated at 30 kilometers altitude could blackout the Eastern Grid that supports most of the population and generates 75 percent of US electricity. Moreover, an EMP attack could be made by a North Korean satellite.” Two North Korean satellites currently orbit the earth on trajectories that take them over the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal: North Korea Dreams of Turning Out the Lights.

3. The Worst Crash in Our Lifetime is Coming

Jim Rogers predicts a market crash this year or next. One that he says will rival anything he has seen in his lifetime. Business Insider: JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming.

+ I hope that you have your preps in order – 21 Point Prepper’s Checklist For Stocking Up at Walmart.

+ The Quickest Way I Know To Get a Family of Four Prepped for The Coming Collapse.

4. Boom!

I love the “sonic boom” of exploding tannerite! Shooting a few pounds and seeing and hearing the resulting explosion is most exciting especially if you’re this guy who almost dies when he shoots a refrigerator full of the stuff.

5. Hold the Ketchup

Tests reveal that, although Heinz boasts over 60% tomato as an ingredient, there was only 21% tomato concentrate in each bottle. Health Nut News: Israel bans Heinz Ketchup because it’s linked to liver, pancreas, immune system, and brain issues. Like nearly every other food item being sold and mass marketed to the public there are health risks and it’s better to grow and make your own.

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Cult of Death

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Cult of Death

The BBC reports the names of the three cult of death (aka Islam) members who carried out the horrific attack in London this past Saturday night are Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba. Also, according to reports Zaghba had been placed on a terrorist watch list in Italy – a list that they shared with the UK.  BBC News: London attack: Third London Bridge attacker named.

+ Also The Telegraph UK reports that London terrorist Khuram Butt had appeared in a TV documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door” last year and had tried to go to Syria to fight jihad . Now the big question is why were these cult of death followers allowed to stay in the country or not kept under constant surveillance until enough evidence was found to make an arrest.  Well, the answer is that being “politically correct” is more important to UK authorities than the safety of the population.

+ On Sunday, British Prime Minister Theresa May called for more government control of the internet claiming it would help to stop future terrorist attacks like the one that took place in London on Saturday night. That’s always the “answer” that’s put forth by governments is to give them more control over the lives of all citizens, instead of offering real solutions like an end to political correctness, deporting known sympathizers of ISIS, tightening of border security and allowing the population to own and carry firearms for protection. No, they won’t do any of that but they will use the tragedy as an excuse to take control of the internet and to tightened their grip on the everyday lives of law-abiding citizens. The Irish Times: May’s call for more control of internet misleading and misguided.

+ Meanwhile… new viral video urges viewers to respond to terror, with leniency, love and kindness. Really, love and kindness… an armed citizen putting a few rounds of Corbon +P 115-grain rounds into the chests and heads of the London attackers would have done much more to stop their murderous attack than trying to give them a hug and understanding.

2. Kill Them All Says U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, R-Louisiana

“The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all. – Captain Clay Higgins”

USA Today: Louisiana congressman on radicalized Islam: ‘Kill them all’.

3. The Real Solution to Jihadist Knife Attacks

Always be armed – preferably with a gun and know how to use it without hesitation. Suarez International: The Real Solution to Jihadist Knife Attacks.

+ The Citizen’s Guide To Stopping Suicide Attackers: Secrets of an Israeli Counter terrorist.

4. ‘Being White is Terrorism’…

Reality Leigh Winner, the 25-year-old federal contractor who was arrested on Saturday for leaking classified information to the media, is a #Resistance activist who believes “being white is terrorism.” InfoWars: Jailed NSA Leaker Reality Winner: Being White is Terrorism. Maybe she has never looked into a mirror since she is white and therefore by her own brainwashed left-liberal views would be a terrorist…

+ NSA leaker Reality Leigh Winner vowed to stand with Iranian terror regime. A government contractor who was charged Monday with leaking top secret U.S. intelligence to the media appears to be a climate change activist and vociferous anti-Trump leftist who is sympathetic to the terrorist regime in Iran, according to her social media profiles. The Conservative View: Alleged NSA leaker vowed to stand with Iranian terror regime.

5. Don’t Snuggle with Your Chickens

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that so this year there have been eight separate salmonella outbreaks linked to contact with pet poultry have taken place in the United States, sickening more than 370 people in 47 states and hospitalizing 71. And advise poultry owners not to snuggle with their chickens – how many poultry owners actually snuggle with their flock or let them in their homes? If you do stop it they aren’t pets – get a dog. The Denver Post: Backyard chickens blamed for salmonella outbreaks. Do not snuggle with them, CDC says.

+ How to Raise Chickens at Home – A Step-By-Step Guide.

+ Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally.

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Third Terrorist Attack in Three Months

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Third Terrorist Attack in Three Months

This is Britain’s the third Islamic terrorist attack in three months with this most recent attack leaving seven people dead and 21+ injured. This seems to be becoming commonplace in the UK but the question remains what will be done to stop it from happening again, and again and again and again? Will the government allow their citizens to go armed so that they can defend themselves? Will the government stop allowing potential terrorists to come into the country under the radar while posing as refugees? No, they won’t. They will most likely do nothing but tell the population not to panic while putting them under even more surveillance – all while waiting for the next bloody Islamic terrorist attack to happen.   The Sun: SECONDS FROM SLAUGHTER London Bridge attack – Moment terrorists stroll past pub mid-van and knife rampage – as PM declares war on extremism.

+ Attacker was ex-KFC worker who posed with jihadi flag… I wonder what “extra” he gave customers with their mashed potatoes – probably wasn’t just gravy…

+ Wrong place at the wrong time – London Bridge Attack: American Hit in Head by Police Bullet, Witness Says – the good news is that he is expected to survive.

+ More regulations that will do nothing but give government more control and surveillance over the lives of citizens – British Prime Minister Calls For International Internet Regulations To Combat Terrorism.

+ Two Days Before Terror Attacks, London Mayor Called Global Warming ‘One Of The Biggest Risks To Humanity’ – The false threat of manmade global warming that’s been fed to the world via rigged and inaccurate data is more of a threat to humanity than manmade global warming.

+ Muslims Take Over New York Street – Start Praying in Front of Trump Tower for Ramadan – instead of disturbing the peace they should be condemning the attacks and killing of the innocence by “radical Muslims” because if they aren’t publicly condemning it then they are condoning it. It’s really that simple.

2. So What’s He Saying?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) in a recent radio interview said he is concerned that increased Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids under the Trump administration could cause already high tensions in his city to boil over. “If something goes wrong, I fear a tinderbox out there, you know where people will suddenly say ‘no’ and try to defend. You know, keep that person from being taken,” Garcetti told Latino USA. “That’s a very dangerous situation. That’s dangerous for those officers. That’s dangerous for those agents.

The Hill: LA mayor: Immigration arrests could cause a ‘tinderbox’

Sounds like he is saying that illegal aliens are prone to violence and that we should leave them alone and let them keep breaking the law by staying in the country illegally because someone might get hurt.

3. MSNBC Anchors Say The Stupidest Things

The Hill: MSNBC anchor: Is Trump ‘trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attack’? No you stupefied MSNBC mouthpiece, he’s trying to prevent one by being proactive and doing what needs to be done to prevent it from happening, political correctness be damned… But political correctness and people like you and the federal court system with their own agenda keep getting in the way of doing that.

4. It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No it’s A Zircon Hypersonic Missile

China and Russia have searched for asymmetric weapons that can defeat American carriers that project power and missile systems that protect the homeland against foreign nuclear attack. Hypersonic missiles are part of this effort and are here to stay as a quantum leap in destructive military firepower. The Washington Times: Russia tests Zircon hypersonic missile system, which it says makes U.S. defenses obsolete.

5. Do You Live In One Of The Worst States?

When it comes to concealed carry and firearms ownership in general not all states are equaial and according to a recent report by the Washington Times Washington, D.C. and California ranked the worst while Utah and Arizona rank the best at number one and number two on the list. The Washington Times: Best states for concealed carry — ranked worst to first.

+ Also see – Freedom rankings by state and if you’re looking to relocate to another state but not sure where to go then the book Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel M. Skousen is a must for research that will help you make the right decision.

+ And from – How To Avoid Being Conned Or Stuck When Buying Land, A Home, Or Land With A Home, And Easy Ways To Find And Acquire Them.

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