Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

If you’re a rock fan from the 80’s like I am then you remember the Motley Crew song “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” well it looks like that’s Vanity Fair’s not so subtle suggestion to Hillary Rotting Clinton when they ask; CAN HILLARY CLINTON PLEASE GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT? I’ve always thought of Hillary Rotting Clinton as being similar to what I’ve read about genital herpes in that she is always there waiting in the background and never really going away, and then when least expected there’s an outbreak of festering sores and itching. Maybe she should have been named Herpes Rotting Clinton?

+ Biden: I knew Hillary would lose the election.

2. Take Your ‘Sharia Law’ and Shove It

ACT for America (which has over 525,000 members) is spearheading several anti-Sharia Law rallies across the country today and of course the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is screaming “racism” and calling ACT for America an anti-Muslim hate group. I think that the folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center and Muslims around the world should all go eat bacon…. Yummy, good I love bacon. NBC News: ACT for America to Stage Marches Against ‘Sharia Law’ Nationwide.

+ Anti-Muslim rallies across the US denounced by civil rights groups.

+ Southern Poverty Law Center – Black Lives Matter Is Not a Hate Group.

+ When you look at the facts it’s easy to see that The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Far Left-Liberal Hate Group.

3. Not Fit to Serve

Scatterbrained House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi does it again referred to President Trump as “President Bush” and forgetting what day of the week it is – her confusion came just two hours after suggesting that President Trump was losing his mind. Looks like she is the one losing her mind and not Trump… if she ever had one to start with… Grabien News: Moments After Questioning Trump’s Mental Health, Pelosi Has Senior Moment.

4. The Funny Is Over… 

Cosby might testify at his sexual assault trial. Legal experts, however, say putting the 79-year-old on the stand would be an enormous risk as he fights charges he drugged and violated Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. Cosby has said the encounter was consensual. AP: Bill Cosby on the stand? Experts say it would be a huge risk.

+ No more pudding pops – while your right hand is doing this your left hand can be dropping a Mickey Finn.

5. Mine Isn’t 

According to Medical Xpress Home, blood pressure monitors inaccurate 70 percent of the time. I questioned the accuracy of my home blood pressure monitor a few years ago so I took it with me to the doctor and checked the reading along with their check and there was only one point difference between the two. My blood pressure is normal by-the-way, however, most of my family tends to read on the high-side so I check mine every month or so to see where it is.

+ Mayo Clinic: 10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication.

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Don’t Get In A Car!

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Don’t Get In A Car!

flaming carWith all the talk of a war with a nuclear-armed North Korea, tensions with Russia and other nuclear threats abroad and at home (nuclear terrorism) tips like these might help to save your life or at least extend it somewhat. The best and safest place to be if a nuclear bomb goes off in your area is deep underground. Download Cresson H. Kearny’s excellent book “Nuclear War Survival Skills” (it’s free to download) or if you want the paper version then you can order a copy from

“No one could fault you for panicking after the sight and roar of a nuclear blast. But there is one thing you should never do, according to Brooke Buddemeier, a health physicist and radiation expert at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. “Don’t get in your car,” he tells Business Insider — don’t try to drive, and don’t assume that the glass and metal of a vehicle can protect you.

Business Insider: If a nuclear bomb explodes nearby, here’s why you should never, ever get in a car.

+ Also read – How to build a 10X6 ft. storm shelter for under $2,000. While it’s not as good as a dedicated nuclear bomb shelter, it’s far better than your car and can be used as a model and greatly improved upon using the info in the book Nuclear War Survival Skills that I linked to above.

+ How to Build a Fallout Shelter from The New York Times.

2. As Sweet As Honey.

If you’ve been reading this site for awhile then you probably know that if given a choice I prefer to try natural remedies first while leaving the pharmaceuticals at the pharmacy, or to pick up the prescription and then using natural remedies as a cure while saving the pharmaceuticals until needed at a later date.  However, that’s just me and you should alway seek medical advice from a qualified medical professional before deciding on a treatment for whatever affliction you might have.

While most of us are at least somewhat familiar with the antibiotic effects of Manuka honey, I think we haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves. According to a recent article at Health Nut News:  Manuka honey kills more bacteria than all available antibiotics.

+ If you can’t find Manuka honey for sale in your area then you can do like I do and order if through

+ Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements.

3. Mark Zuckerberg: Free Money for Everyone!

Mark Zuckerberg while giving a speech at Harvard said that there should be free money for everyone… For those of you who don’t know Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to build Facebook after ripping the idea off from others who later successfully sued him, however, he still went on and has made billions from the idea and now has a listed net worth of 61.9 billion dollars.

But we won’t be seeing him handing out his own money to see this Universal Basic Income idea of his to fruition. Hey, Mark, put your money where your mouth is or shut your pie hole – in other words, cowboy up and divide your ill-gotten billions up and hand it out to everyone wanting a free income for doing nothing. CNBC: Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for the government to give everybody free money.

4. War With North Korea on the Horizen?

It sure looks that way. U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis turned up the heat on North Korea and its main benefactor, China, on Saturday, calling the North Koreans a “clear and present danger” and chastising the Chinese for coercive behavior in the South China Sea. CBS News: Defense Secretary Mattis turns up heat on North Korea and China.

No doubt South Korea and Japan would see the bulk of North Koreas retailiation but the big question is what will China do if the U.S. goes preemtive on the DPRK?

5. Don’t Leave The House!

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Friday said the terror threat is worse than most realize, saying some people would “never leave the house” if they knew the truth. The Hill: DHS chief: If you knew what I knew about terror, you’d ‘never leave the house’.

On the flipside by keeping everyone in a constant state of fear of the threat of terrorism they (federal police agencies) increase their power, reach and budget.

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