Five Bullet Friday

Hello all, I got this idea for a “Five Bullet Friday” from Tim Ferriss. I decided to do something similar to what he has been doing with his segment because it seems like a great way for me to share some things with you quickly and effectively. However, instead of sending it out by email as Tim does, I’m going to post it on the blog to make it easy for you to comment and share it with others.

Thank you — 
First, off I’d like to thank Raghav T and Caroline H for their generous donations via PayPal this week! It means a lot to me just knowing that there are at least a few of you who appreciate the time and effort that I put into this site and making videos and want to give something back in support of that. Thank you both!

If you feel that I’ve helped you in some way and you want to step up and give something back by way of a monetary contribution then you can do that here. Thank you in advance.

What I’m Reading —
Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson. This is an awesome book and one that while not directly related to prepping there is a huge overlap of useful skills to be gleaned from the pages of this book. Don’t believe me… then just go check out the reviews! There are over 1,100 of them and most are five-star ratings from readers. He also has another book called “Survive Like a Spy” that’s next on my reading list.

I’m writing a new book — 
That’s right… I’m writing a new book, however, it’s not a prepper book but should be of interest to preppers, homesteaders, and anyone else that’s interested in staying well and taking care of their health issues naturally without prescription medication… That’s right I’m writing a book on getting and staying well naturally, including natural cures and or prevention for the 12 most common health problems that people face today.

Diet I’m experimenting with —
While doing research for my book mentioned above I started reading more and more about the Keno Diet and the health benefits so I decided to give it a try to see what benefits or lack of that following the diet would have on me… so far so good!  If you’ve had any personal experience with this diet/way of eating then please comment below about what happened and what you learned from it. Thanks.

What I’m Watching —
The Highwaymen… it’s great! Check out this trailer on YouTube. If you’ve watched it then comment below… just don’t give it away with too much info. You don’t want to spoil it for everyone else, do you? I thought not.

Have a wonderful weekend, all and don’t forget to check out (and subscribe) my YouTube channel and watch my most recent video about bug out bags. Thanks again!

M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in self-reliance topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance topics through first-hand experience and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

13 Responses

  1. The Sheltie Kid says:

    The Highwaymen looks really good…. I’m going to check it out today.

  2. Constitutionalist says:

    Back on the keto diet myself and going to make it a full time lifestyle. I did the diet a year ago and lost 47lbs in 3 months without exercising. Speaking of exercising you keto and heavy weight lifting does not mix unless you carb bomb atleast 2 days a week. You can do cardio just make sure you drink ALOT of water. This diet dehydrates me out so make sure you drink alot and watch your fiber intake. Anyways it’s a great diet once you get past the first week or so of adjusting to the food requirements and the sugar detox from the built up carbs in your body. Goodluck with your keto experience and hope to hear how you do.

  3. rob says:

    keto, lost 60 pounds and fixed my diabetes. i also combined keto diet with narrowing my window of daily eating; i only eat between the hours of 5 to 9 PM…in the morning i have a 14 oz bulletproof coffee and i’m go to go!

  4. janet says:

    thanks for the last really good ive watched the highwayman. just great thanks again janet uk.

  5. Moe says:

    Looking forward to the release of your next book. Figured you were busy working on something!

  6. Kristy Black says:

    I like the five bullet Friday. It is short, sweet, and to the point. Thank You Sir.

  7. Tom Thomin says:

    I’ve been on the keto diet for 7 weeks. I’ve lost 33 pounds but I was (and still am) very overweight. I’m about to start exercising as part of the weight loss plan.

  8. Jack says:

    Most diet plans strictly limit carbs and I will guessThe KETO diet which is completely new to me is no exception? I do have more than a few excess pounds on my almost sixty-five years old body so I will check this out. I try to eat only brown rice, “forbidden” black rice similar to wild rice back in the states and occasionally red rice when rice is on the menu, I go for reasonable amounts of lean protein and lots of fresh vegetables and salads with organic apple cider vinegar and olive oil to dress the salad. Unfortunately, my Filipino family are all addicted to the grain and prefer the anemic polished white verity. Any plan limiting the intake of white rice will be a “hard sell” here in the Philippines. This is going to get interesting, for sure! Thank you to all who posted comments on the subject.

  9. Red C says:

    My spouse & I recently watched The Highwaymen. We recognized many of the places, having lived in that part of the country, although much has changed in the last 80 years. A fascinating story, & based on a true story. I’d recommend that any parent read the reviews carefully, b4 watching it w/ children. Also, I love the image-pic u chose for Five Bullet Friday!

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