Glock Entrenching Tool Review – The Good, Bad, and The Ugly!

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My full review of the Glock made entrenching tool… how good is it? What do you need to know about it? What test did it fail? Watch my full video review for the answers and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube and click on the notifications bell to be notified every time that I upload a new video.


  1. Looks like a good piece of gear.
    Just having one in your vehicle is a good idea.

    1. Author


      No one is interested in prepping any more… They all feel secure now and don’t feel any need to prep or anything like that. Traffic has dropped to nothing, and I know it’s the same with other prepper sites too. Many have stopped posting or have sold their sites. I contacted the owner of my old site a few days ago and he said it had lost money every month since he bought it. Anyway, very few are reading, fewer are doing, so why bother posting?

      1. I do see the false security out there which I just don’t understand. If you’re only prepping when a president or political party is threatening peace or your rights then you’ve wasted so much time.
        I personally believe the times are even more unstable now. Yellowstone, UN and U.S. are still pushing other countries like Russia into a corner. Now that President Trump is in does not mean we are safe, all it takes is an election and we will see bad times.

        I still prep and visit your site and others almost daily. It’s a shame really.

        1. Author


          I’ve been doing a few youtube videos to see if that takes off but doesn’t really look like it’s going to…

  2. I still prefer reading to watching videos, try to check this site every couple of days. Think a lot of us are still prepping, just not posting comments as much.

  3. I truly believe this lack of interest is due to the belief that the Government will come to the rescue when things get bad. Sadly, they are mistaken. I have some co-workers who don’t even keep three days worth of food on hand. These same people question the need to have a fully functional kitchen; why need it when you can just go out and eat? When I have mentioned the need to keep at least 3 months on hand, they think I’m crazy. Their general response is “Oh well, maybe I’ll be the first to go then and not suffer.” Just sad. They don’t seem to believe a store like Wal-Mart will empty out of critical items within three days of no deliveries. Keep up the good work M.D. They will hopefully come back.

    1. Author

      Josh from WI,

      I’ve heard that before too… they would rather die than try to prepare and look at dying fast for last of being prepared as a good thing…

  4. People are being fooled. We will still need to prep unless you prefer living in a fema camp. Remember the roaring 20`s turned into the great depression seemingly overnight.

  5. if you like the glock e-tool…check out the glock field knife- retails about $40- and the knife is a beast.

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