Six Ways You Can Make More Money to Buy More Preps (or just pay off your bills)

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how to earn more moneyI get thousands of emails each month (usually over 3,000 to be exact) and the one problem that I see mentioned over and over is a lack of money to prep, and while I try to keep the advice given on the blog to low-budget preps, it still takes some money to do it, after all it takes money to live, and by prepping you’re insuring that you live through and after a major disaster or social upheaval.

So to prep, even on the most basic level is  going to cost some money for gear and food supplies, even if you just put together the most basic bug out bag you’ll need a few extra dollars. But let’s face it, if all you have is a bug out bag, then you’re not really very prepared, and as I’ve said before bugging out to the woods is one of the worst survival strategies under most circumstances.

So to get extra money for preps you either have to spend less on everything else or make more. We’ve covered many ways to save money on the blog already so today we are going to look at ways to help you make more money.

Wood working – if you’re handy with tools (you need to learn if you’re not) this can be a great money-maker. Pick a several products and learn to make them well and then start selling those products. Depending on the products you sell, you might only need to put a small ad in your local paper to have customers come to you, or your could set up a local swap meets / flea markets or even sell through local or regional retail outlets.

While researching for this article I came across several good how to programs  for starting and operating a wood working home business but one of the most complete that I’ve come across is “Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits. Well worth looking into if you’re interested in starting a crafts or wood working business.

Sell Crafts – not long ago the only way to sell crafts and wood working items (see above) was to sell locally, but with the internet that’s no longer the case. With the internet your market is nation or world-wide if you choose. One of the best how-to-do-it books that I’ve read on the subject is “Craft Business Power: 15 Days To A Profitable Online Craft Business“. If you’re interested in selling your homemade crafts over the internet, then this book is a must. It’s hard to beat a business where you work at home, sell and never have to actually meet or sell to anyone face-to-face.

Start a Blog – Starting a blog is one of the slowest and most uncertain ways of making money. Most blogs start-up with enthusiasm and then the owners “burn out” after a few months of having no readers, no interaction and no profit for their many hours of work. But if you’re still interested in giving it a shot (hey, a few make it work) then I’ve written a whole article to get you started – How To Start A WordPress Blog – Create Your Own Website Today.

Service Business – This can be anything from auto repair, gunsmithing, home repair, to locksmithing. A service business is quick to start if you already have the tools and skills, but you’re limited as to how much you can make, because you only have so much time to work and that amount of time determines your income potential. Granted you could always expand by hiring employees, but if you’re like me you would rather not deal with the hassle.

If you’re interested in a service based business then this book “Seriously Selling Services: How to Build a Profitable Services Business in Any Industry” will help you to make the most profit from it.

Teach – If you have a skill (I hope that you do) than you might be able to get people to pay you to teach them that skill. If you have a background in something like outdoor survival or self-defense with proof, references and good credentials than teaching what you know could be the perfect business opportunity for you.

If you have a teachable skill but don’t want to deal with teaching face-to-face in a classroom environment then maybe you can write what you know and sell it as an online course or kindle eBook on – you can make huge profits by teaching your skills this way and best of all you only need to do the work once, but can sell it for years.

Become a Firearms Dealer – When most people think about being a “firearms dealer” they automatically assume that they need a big brick and mortar shop with lots of inventory, and while that is one way to go, there are other less expensive ways to get started. Over the years I’ve known several people who have bought, traded and sold used guns at swap meets and flea markets and it’s all 100% legal in most areas.

But you can make even more money (and buy stuff for yourself at dealer prices) by getting a federal firearms license (FFL). Getting a FFL isn’t all that difficult – here is everything you need to know about running a profitable firearms business.

Well that covers the basic ideas for making extra money, or even having a full-time business, that will help you buy more preps, pay your bills and have a better life. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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