Iran and North Korea, U.S. Hypocrisy, Michelle Obama Pulls Out Her Race Card, No Transgenders Allowed in U.S. Military: Your Wednesday Briefing

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Here’s what you need to know:

1. Iran and North Korea Advancing Their ICBM Capabilities

Two enemies of America are poised for upcoming rocket launches, two senior U.S. officials told Fox News, with another North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile launch expected as soon as Wednesday night and Iran on the verge of sending its own vehicle into space. Reported by Fox News: Iran poised to launch a rocket into space, as North Korea readies another missile test.

+ North Korea promises nuclear strike on the US if regime is threatened

2. The U.S Once Again Shows It’s Hypocrisy With Sanctions Against Russia Over Election B.S.

The bill, drawn up largely in response to Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US election, calls for new measures against Russia, North Korea, and Iran. It also limits any effort by the White House to weaken such penalties. Via CNN News: EU warns the US over ‘America first’ Russia sanctions bill.

(The U.S has a long history of interfering with elections worldwide and even forced regime/government change with Iraq and Libya being two of the more recent examples. The U.S government has alway meddled abroad, however, when someone EVEN ALLEGEDLY  does some meddling in U.S. politics then the U.S. government and media go all nuts about it.)

+ Meanwhile… EU warns U.S. it may respond swiftly to counter new sanctions on Russia

3. Michelle Obama Holds Firmly Onto Her Worn-Out Race Card 

Michelle Obama has opened up in front of a crowd of about 8,500 at the Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s 30th-anniversary event in Denver about her experience as America’s first black first lady. As seen in The Huffington Post: Michelle Obama Addresses Racist Attacks She Endured As First Lady. (News flash – no one cares about your blackness but you. How are we, the American people supposed to not pay any attention to your skin color when you insist on bringing it up constantly.)

4. Donald Trump Says Transgender People No Longer Allowed To Serve In Military

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military “in any capacity” ― a stunning reversal of an Obama-era policy that affects thousands of service members. And once again from The HuffingtonPost: Donald Trump Says Transgender People No Longer Allowed To Serve In Military.

+ Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’.

(Yep, what he said… I for one will never call a man in a dress a “she” or by a woman’s name because to me that’s an insult to real women and I will not take part in that.)

5. The UK To Ban New Petrol and Diesel Cars By 2040

All sales of new petrol and diesel cars will cease in the UK by 2040, under plans to tackle air pollution. As reported by The BBC News Network: Petrol and diesel ban: How will it work?

(Another question is how long before the U.S. follows the UK and also bans petrol and diesel cars?)

6. Touch A Police Car… Get Shot By a Trigger Happy Somali Muslim Police Officer

Investigators say that before Justine Damond was shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer, a woman “slapped” the back of his patrol car. Via The BBC: Justine Damond death: Woman ‘slapped police car’.

(Police (even Somali Muslim police) should be held accountable by the same laws that pertain to the use of deadly force as everyone else – if it would be considered murder by Joe citizen then it should be considered murder even if the murderer is hiding behind a badge. This trigger happy cop should be made an example of and given 25 to life in a federal penitentiary.)

+ And of course the Baltimore Sun and Black reporter E.R. Shipp pulls the race on the shooting with their report – Wrongs aren’t addressed until they happen to whites. A sickening story that is rife with black on white racism – oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot that only white folks can be racist.

7. UFC – Daniel Cormier Can Compete, but Can He Beat Jon Jones?

UFC 214 is right around the corner, and this week’s episode is all about the main event, a long-awaited rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. Via Bloody Elbow: Daniel Cormier can compete, but can he beat Jon Jones?

(I’m rooting for Daniel Cormier – hoping that he can pull it off. I think his best chance is to take Jones to the mat and submit him, but if you’ve ever watched Jones fight then you know that is easier said than done.)

+ And while we are talking about sports – Major new study connects football, brain injuries.

8. Regime Change: Obama’s CIA Director Brennan Calls for Revolt if Mueller is Fired

Government officials should refuse to follow President Donald Trump’s orders if he fires special counsel Robert Mueller, Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan said – effectively calling for the overthrow of the Commander in Chief. As reported by The World Tribune: Obama’s CIA Director Brennan calls for a revolt if Mueller is fired.

9. The Government Gave $1.2 Million Worth Of Military Gear To A Fake Police Department

In recent years it’s become increasingly difficult for ordinary Americans to ignore the fact that their local police departments are becoming militarized. Just a couple generations ago, the police were armed with pretty much the same weapons that civilians could own. They drove vehicles that, without decals and sirens, wouldn’t be out of place at an ordinary car dealership. They wore uniforms that were comparable to clothes worn by other civilian government employees. Now they carry assault rifles, drive armored vehicles, and on occasion they wear camouflage. They look and sometimes act, just like soldiers in a war zone. Reported by SHTF Plan: Want Some Free Guns? The Government Gave $1.2 Million Worth Of Military Gear To A Fake Police Department.

10. The Bottom Of The News

+ NASA confirms: Sea levels have been FALLING across the planet for two years … media SILENT

+ Why do climate change alarmists want our planet to be cold, icy and devoid of life? A warmer, wetter planet is a GREEN planet

+ Bitcoin miners “holding on with a death grip” as Bitcoin “pipe dream” appears hopelessly obsolete, slow and fractured: An interview with Kevin Lawton.

+ Steve Jobs’ widow brought her best accessories to Croatia — her daughter, new boyfriend, and Steve’s one hundred million dollar yacht.

10 responses to Iran and North Korea, U.S. Hypocrisy, Michelle Obama Pulls Out Her Race Card, No Transgenders Allowed in U.S. Military: Your Wednesday Briefing

  1. Georgia Peachie July 27th, 2017 at 8:53 am

    About time somebody made a rational decision regarding trans people in our military. Seriously folks, O’dumbF should never have opened that box of crap. Our military is NOT a government jobs program. MANY groups of people have always been denied entrance. The fact is, transgenders require lots of “maintenance ” to keep them “trans”. A woman can’t “become a man” without ongoing hormone therapy. Ditto for a guy who thinks he’s a woman. Why should the tax payers have to pay for that???

    As an interesting factoid. Did you know that women who “change” to being a man are very susceptible to getting Ovarian Cancer? Yep, it’s all those male hormones they are screwing up their body with.


  2. Greg Monger July 26th, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    #1 Sooner or later we will have to deal with them.. NK will kill millions in SK (Seoul) with chem/bio wpns. Personally I think they should be zapped like bugs.
    #6 The libs have been defending the somali muslim cop’s actions ferociously, which is no surprise. Slap a cop car, of course the reaction should be death. What a sad day in the U.S.


  3. Docj July 26th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    MD, read daily. 😊😊😊😊


  4. zelmer July 26th, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    #4 Unless it’s a boy named Sue….


    • M.D. Creekmore July 26th, 2017 at 3:41 pm


      Well yeah… but he was born with a prostate.


      • cgbascom July 26th, 2017 at 4:44 pm

        And was a helleva fighter. Oh, and my husband graduated with a Kim and a Shirley. Both men and proud of it.


  5. Izzy July 26th, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    # 6 ““slapped” the back of his patrol car”.

    What a crock of crap. ALL the initial reports stated the cops approached her. She was in front of them, then beside driver’s door speaking with the driver. They are going to spin this however they can to get the that murderer off.

    # 3 Mooch has been a racist her entire life. Her dad was a racist also and a union hack. She has a LOT of hate in her. Both she and her hubby are pathological liars and scams.

    # 4 Bravo if President Trump can make it happen. The pentagon stated a month or so ago, trannies were cleared to have their surgeries paid for by the military. DADT should also be reinstituted.


  6. Northernwolf July 26th, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    The question is do we call it Michelle or Mike as there is doubt in some crowds as to what the gender is
    All I know is this person was the worst First Lady if you can call it that or first gay both are equally repulsive and Need to just go away


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