K-Tor hand crank generator (pocket socket 1 amp usb) : Weekly Product Review

K-Tor hand crank generatorLegally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. I bartered for a K-Tor hand crank charger in 2014 from an individual who is not affiliated with this website, Amazon or K-Tor (you all know I enjoy Amazon for shopping ease). I recently contacted K-Tor to get some information to write a review; they saw fit to send me a K-Tor Pocket Socket 1 amp charger. I can honestly say that this is one of the few products for which I have no real reservations in recommending fully to all of you!

Modern electronic devices have come quite a long way in a few decades, from filling a room to literally size of a wristwatch. This means that while we oldsters still have our books and writing implements, the reality is that not only is written information more easily available via the internet it is being replaced by it.

I have hundreds of books, actual written books. I also have over 200,000 digital books that easily fit in the palm of my hand. The K-Tor Pocket Socket 1 amp hand-cranked charger allows me to ensure charging even when my solar panels cannot!

While it does need a minimum of 3 minutes of solid rotation to push a charge, it is something that works regardless the weather or time of day! It is made very well, and charges electronic readers, cell phones, radios, GPS units, flashlights and much more; virtually anything that can be charged with a USB outlet is able to be charged with this device!

While many of my flashlights are still battery powered I have recently been investing in USB rechargeable ones as the technology really is getting much better. I will have a review for some of these shortly as well.

Dimensionally it is well within needed requirements for my personal uses. It is approximately the same size and half the weight of a half liter bottle of water, which makes it an easy fit and addition to my typical vehicle kits and of course when camping. Additional benefits can be seen in the construction which is robust, to say the least, it is easy to grip comes with a strap to attach the unit to your hand and more importantly is designed to be cranked!

The downside to this charger is the noise, while not unpleasant it is not quiet. Additionally, the rotation of the crank can quickly become tiring as it is essential to rotate the crank two full turns every second for at least 3 minutes to see overall results. This being said, the design and function of the unit allows for ease of use and can spell the difference between no light, phone or GPS and having one when needed!

K-Tor hand crank generatorI added this to my power kit, with the understanding that solar panels have at best a 15-year lifespan while this could easily outlast you! Better yet they make a serious unit that is pedal power! This is the one I want to have in my house for long-term needs. The Power Box pedal power cost quite a bit more at $195 versus the $69-75 for the smaller power setup. Given the benefits from using your legs and keeping your cardio up, added into the ability to generate power as needed for Ham Radio, GPS units and other items this is a small price to pay.

I am aware that there are multiple approaches to generating power this way, however, all of those approaches require careful building to avoid surges and promote best power results. This is a setup that has already taken all of that into account. These are built specifically to provide energy without surges and at rates that are equal to wall outlets and standard plugins.

If you have the chance pick one or more up! The pocket socket may not be the easiest unit to use when compared to solar panels and the like, it does, however, provide a mechanical approach to generating energy.

As with all reviews, ask any questions you want and be sure to let me know what your results are if you have one!

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Jesse Mathewson

Arizona since 86', lifetime prepper, camper - criminal justice advanced degrees, numerous certifications, 1+ million rounds (shooting for decades), prior contractor, instructor, current volunteer, disabled, honest, father of two husband of one - all budget and prepared. Jesse Mathewson reviews because regular people need someone in their corner as well!

14 Responses

  1. Old Country Boy says:

    What an amazing device. Compact, useful and a bit of exersice. Definitely a wish list item. Thank you for your time and effort.

  2. JP in MT says:

    Interesting product. I will be looking into it. Thanks!

  3. Jack says:

    Super review. This unit could come in handy if we lost power during typhoon season here in the Philippines. I have a lot of redundancy at home base but this baby would be a real blessing and possible lifesaver on the road Jesse, thank you for your effort to showcase this great product.

  4. Grammyprepper says:

    Very interesting product! Do you utilize the rubberband Jesse? With the improvements to the new model, I would think it wouldn’t necessarily be necessary? I can’t imagine the rubberband would last all that long, like most rubberbands. Do you feel it is an essential piece? Does the company offer replacements (I watched the videos but didn’t explore the site much beyond that)? That pedal version DOES sound great, but this one is more affordable…Thanks Jesse!

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Grammyprepper. I do use the rubber band, and yes the foot powered version may work better. For purely survival purposes I like having it available though I prefer investing more heavily in solar/steam/mechanical wind power

  5. Red C says:

    Seems like one strength is the portability. Small enough to pack when u travel, or keep in a vehicle, or bug out location. But it has a battery, & batteries gradually wear out. Thus the question – Can the battery be replaced?

    I may subtly suggest this prior to father’s day. Is it too early to start a Christmas wish list? 🙂

    • Red C says:

      Oh, I see now that I misread the Q & A on amazon. It does not have a battery – it recharges the battery in your device. Has just 3 reviews on amazon, but they gave it an ave of 4.5 stars (of 5 total). I don’t have the money for this now, but it looks like a good thing to add to my list.

  6. Jesse,
    It’s been added to the list of perhaps 15 other ways to recharge my batteries. The last two mechanical chargers were my Kaito KA500 Voyager 5-Way Emergency Radio and the 10,000 mAh Hiluckey Solar Power Bank that you reviewed.
    I’m also still considering playing with some solar, a vertical axis windmill, and maybe some low head hydro.

  7. Matthew BEhnke says:

    Being a low income person. It seems like 65 dollars is a lot for just a hand crank? Does it work better then the 20 dollar portable radios with hand cranks and USB ports? It just seems like a lot of cash for a crank??

    Just my thoughts.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Matthew, its important to understand this is a just in case item. As for quality, absolutely it is easily 100 times better- cranks better. Charges better. And is easier and far sturdier