Living In Small Places To The Extreme

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Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. Living in Small Places to The Extreme

Living in small spaces via tiny homes and apartments is becoming more popular recently with TV shows,  how-to-do-it books and websites and many folks are pushing the limits of comfort to see just how small they can go. I’ve done it myself while living off the grid in a travel trailer for over two years – I even wrote a book about it titled Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man’s Solution that was published by Paladin Press. It can be done but some folks in Hong Kong are taking it the extreme, however I don’t think most are doing it by choice. The Guardian: Boxed in: life inside the ‘coffin cubicles’ of Hong Kong – in pictures.

+ Off the Grid: Simple Solar Homesteading – This book is for anyone thinking about or already living off-grid. It includes detailed step-by-step plans for a solar cabin and over 30 other projects.

2.How Easily We Are Entertained

First we had the Cosby Show and now today we will be entertained by the Comey Show and I for one am looking forward to watching the season finale today starting at 10 a.m. will you be watching? The big question is does Comey have any proof to backup whatever he says? Comey like anyone else can say anything about anything but that doesn’t make it true. Does he have secret takes of his and president trumps conversations like has been suggested? And if Comey does in fact have tapes or other proof of what he and the mainstream media have been saying did president Trump actually break the law? CNN YouTube: Trump Cannot Be Guilty of Obstruction While Exercising His Constitutional Authority.

+ So far, Jim Comey is disappointing the witch-hunters.

3. Brutal Revenge

After the terrorist attacks in Tehran Wednesday that killed at least 12 people Iran vows revenge while blaming the Saudis for the attack. What will be Iran’s next move?

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say Saudi Arabia supported ISIS in the deadly twin attacks in Tehran on Wednesday, an accusation likely to infuriate the Saudi kingdom amid high tensions in the region.

CNN: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards blame Saudis for Tehran attacks.

The Iranians aren’t alone in blaming the Saudis for terrorist attacks with one of the most note worthy accusations coming from U.S. president Donald Trump who has blamed the Saudis for 911 and there is proof to back those claims up.

+ BBC News: Tehran attackers ‘were IS recruits from Iran’.

+ Iran rejects Trump’s condolences after terror attack, calls statement ‘repugnant’. “The Iranian people reject U.S. claims of friendship.”

4. North Korea Blasts Off A Few Rounds

North Korea launches multiple missiles in what appeared to be barrage of land-to-ship missiles fired off North’s east coast. And U.S. president Donald Trump once again that military intervention was an option under consideration. Aljazeera: Defiant North Korea launches multiple missiles.

+ And not to be out done India launches ‘monster’ rocket.

5. Flesh-Eating Bacterium Infects New Tattoo

A Texas man has died two months after contracting a flesh-eating bacterium after going swimming in the Gulf of Mexico through a new tattoo that he got five days eariler on his leg, medical officials say. BBC News: US man dies after flesh-eating bacterium infects new tattoo.

6. Rewriting Our Human History

Remains from Morocco dated to 315,000 years ago push back our species’ origins by 100,000 years — and suggest we didn’t evolve only in East Africa. The finds, which were published on 7 June means that H. sapiens did not originated in North Africa. Instead, they suggest that the species’ earliest members evolved all across the continent, scientists say. Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species’ history.

Al “not so sharp” Sharpton with probably have his followers up and marching in the streets with claims that the find is “racist” since it implies that all humankind did not evolve in Africa.

7. The Peeping Tom Beside You

Samsung have taken spying on their customers to a whole new level. Samsung’s ‘peeping Tom’ smartphones can listen and watch what you do on the web while monitoring your emails. The Sun: SPY-PHONE Samsung’s ‘peeping Tom’ smartphones can listen and watch what you do on the web while monitoring your emails.

8. Dead In Under 60 Seconds

What happens when you bring knives to a gunfight – and proof that we should go armed at all times. Video captures fearless cops who take out knife wilding London terrorists in less than 60 seconds. The Sun: GONE IN SECONDS Dramatic moment London Bridge attack cops gun down knife-wielding terrorists seconds after drinker is brutally stabbed in Borough Market.

+ ISIS Says Manchester Attack a Sneak Preview.

9. Getting an Eye Full

Nude sunbathers say perverts on yacht used drone to peep at them. At one point, the complaint reportedly states, the drone came “right on top” of the girls and kept changing positions, all the while with the red recording light on. New York Post: Nude sunbathers say perverts on yacht used drone to peep at them.

1O. The Bottom of The News

+ Dramatic video captures robbery suspect’s deadly shootout with cops.

+ 50 Secrets Your Pet Won’t Tell You – animal behaviorists, nutritionists, veterinarians, and pet groomers to shed some light on what your furry friends would tell you if they could.

+ Why your dog acts the way he does.

+ Study links pesticide used to fight Zika in Florida to health impacts.

6 responses to Living In Small Places To The Extreme

  1. tommy2rs June 8th, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    #1 If you want a tiny house here’s one for you though he bills it as a homeless emergency shelter

    Homeless Emergency Shelter final test


    • Gear June 9th, 2017 at 3:31 am

      I’ve seen his videos, pretty cool idea. I’ve toyed it around with it, also made a foldable boat from the stuff


  2. Chamele0n June 8th, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    I love this daily email. I already have certain websites that I frequent, but MDC manages to find some important things others miss.


  3. JP in MT June 8th, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    #4. S. Korea wanted us to not put new THAD air defense missles in their country, they are much more friendly with N. Korea that any predicessor.

    Then short-round goes and does this. Idiot!


    • Jesse Mathewson June 8th, 2017 at 4:02 pm

      JP. Sad isnt it?


  4. Jesse Mathewson June 8th, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Tehran bombed by ISIS, the only “wrong” Iran ever did to the USA was tell us to leave and get away with it. Dang, Saudis are most definitely the largest terrorist generating hotbed of rich indolent slimey pedophiliac lazy useless nation state on earth…and THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND USA created the Saudi Royal House. 🙂

    How sad it is, and yet a perfect example of our own excessive lifestyles and bombastic foreign policies coming back to haunt us.

    How many Americans really do believe the lies regarding Afghanistan and Iraq though, not too mention the real lies about Iran? (Dont get me wrong, ive not met many iraqis I could stand, Kurdish, Afghanis, Persians (Iranians) sure but Iraqis and Saudis…uggg worse than our antifa in their snake like dirty handed ways)

    Our government has lied to us and used us to project power and re-educate us and our children to the truth of people around the world.

    I would sooner trust a pit/den of rattlesnakes, and ive seen hundreds in my life so far, than anyone carrying a briefcase and wearing a suit saying, “but im from the government and im here to help.”



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