NK Target Shooting, U.S. Dollar Collapse 2018, Flat Earth, Sky Net: Your Thursday Briefing

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Happy Thanksgiving Day…

Hello, M.D. Creekmore here… and this is what you need to know – November 23, 2017…

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1. NK Nuclear Target Shooting

MAJOR cities, military bases and the White House are among the top potential targets in a North Korean nuclear strike, an eye-opening report has revealed. Major US cities, the island of Manhattan, the White House, and the Pentagon remain big targets while Guam and military targets were next. South Korea also makes the list with military bases and Pyeongtoek, the commercial area near Camp Humphreys coming ahead of Seoul as another potential target. Read the full report by Debra Killalea in News.com: North Korea: Manhattan and White House top nuclear targets, report shows.

(Right now most of these NK “targets” are wishful thinking on the part of NK especially targets located in the U.S. mainland, however, they are advancing their nuclear arsenal with every test so who knows how far along that they will be in a year or less. And from reports that I’ve read NK is working on a submarine that would be capable of moving a nuclear-tipped missile within accurate striking distance and then launching an effective nuclear strike on the U.S. mainland.)

+ However, according to The Zambian Observer Russian President Vladimir Putin “North Korea Has No Nuclear Weapons. America After Mineral Reserves”…

+ But Russian President Vladimir Putin also said as reported by U.S.A. Today that “North Koreans would rather ‘eat grass’ than give up nukes” so which is it?

+ And going further down the rabbit hole The National Review says that “The Real Culprit Behind North Korea’s Missile Threat May Be Vladimir Putin“…

+ N Korea Nuclear Weapons Are Here To Stay – Says, Expert…


2. California Rocket Man

Mike Hughes is shown with his steam-powered rocket constructed out of salvage parts. He plans to launch it Saturday. (Associated Press)

A California man intends to launch himself 1,800 feet high on Saturday in a home-built rocket to prove that the earth is flat and that astronauts faked the shape of the Earth. The rocket should travel about a mile at a speed of roughly 500 mph. From Fox News: Rocket launch will prove Earth is flat, California man says

(Looks more like a publicity stunt than real scientific research to me – and no I don’t think that the earth is flat.)


3. A Sticky Wicket

The US plans to keep its troops in Syria long after the defeat of ISIS – the goal used to justify their illegal presence in the first place – because the Syrian government and its ally Iran would “win” if they were withdrawn. US officials say they plan to maintain a US troop presence in northern Syria… and establish new local governance, apart from the Assad government, in those areas,” As reported by RT News: No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ The US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran.

(The reason that the U.S. is there isn’t about “fighting ISIS” and never was – the U.S. is there for regime change – and the U.S. media keeps going on and on about “Russian election meddling” in the U.S. presidential election – like the U.S. doesn’t medal in foreign governments, elections, and regime change so that they can put in their own puppet rulers… The U.S. has always displayed a high level of hypocrisy when it comes to such issues, war and foreign affairs in general.)

+ Meanwhile… The US imported terrorism to the Middle East, new Philippines president says

+ Finally! – The BBC Outs U.S./ISIS Complicity in Syria

+ And according to The Russian Insider – Putin-Assad Meeting Cements the End of US Dominance in the Middle East


4. Will the U.S. Dollar Collapse in 2018?

It’s really time to start wondering: will the U.S. dollar collapse in 2018? It’s no secret that, over the course of the past three decades or so, the U.S. dollar has dropped by some 25%, compared to its rivals in the currency markets. Whether by design (President Donald Trump claims he wants a low dollar) or by accident, the U.S. Dollar Index has lost about 10% in 2017. This trend can only continue—and likely accelerate—in 2018. And now, the dollar is about to collapse. As seen in The Lombardi Letter: Will the U.S. Dollar Collapse in 2018?

+ 21 Point Prepper’s Checklist For Stocking Up at Walmart

+ Prepper Tools That I Use And Recommend

+ The Quickest Way I Know To Get a Family of Four Prepped for The Coming Collapse


5. Economic Warfare

The United States may be a military superpower, but foreign leaders know how to hit it where it hurts. Russia is already working with China to set up an apparatus that would allow oil sales between the two nations to be conducted using the yuan instead of the dollar. Sergey Glazyev, an adviser to Vladimir Putin, has explained that Russia is negotiating such deals in a bid to bring about the collapse of the U.S. economy. “As soon as we and China dump the dollar, it will be the end of the U.S.’s military might.” As reported by Andrew Miller in The Trumpet: Iran Urges Russia to Ditch U.S. Dollar.

+ Here is Why Russia Might Decide to Crash Oil Prices in 10 Days


6. Pulling Out The Old Worn Out Race Card Yet Again

A Seattle, Wash., black liberation group is planning a Black Friday march to urge people to only shop at black-owned businesses this Friday. As seen at The Daily Caller: ‘Black Liberation’ Group Vows To Shut Down Black Friday Shopping To Fight Racism.

(LOL… fighting imaginary “racism” by being racist… I guess that it makes sense to them. My beef is they instead of having free will to be racist towards white folks,  they should be called out for what they are and treated the same as if they were operating under the banner of the KKK because they are the same.)

+ How Obama Brought Back Muslim Slavery of Black People: America’s first black president didn’t bring “Hope” to America, but he did bring slave auctions to Africa. After Obama “liberated” Libya for the Islamist rebels, Arab Muslims sell black slaves for a few hundred dollars at slave auctions. While leftists tear down the statues of slave owners from centuries ago, it was the left that brought back the sale of black men as property.

+ And on another note according to the Voice of Europe – Muslims don’t want to integrate, they want to take power… (Yep, now tell us something that we didn’t already know…)


7. Blinded By The Light

A new study conducted using satellite data shows that artificial lighting is growing brighter. The data suggest this is disrupting the order of ecological and human life, which previously depended on natural light sources such as the moon. The international study led by Christopher Kyba of the GFZ German Research Center for Geoscience tracks what researchers are calling a negative trend that has implications for the health of human beings and the environment. RT News: Lighting our way to darkness: Scientists warn of too much ‘artificial light’ on Earth.


8. Delaware Where Girls Can Have a Penis and Boys Can Have a Vagina and Black Folks Can Be White and White Folks Can Be Black…

A series of sweeping regulations being considered by Delaware’s Department of Education would allow students to “self-identify” not only their gender but also their race, and it empowers schools not to seek parental consent if the child feels his or her parents might not be “supportive” enough. The law would apply to students of all ages in all public schools in the state. The Daily Wire: Proposed DE Education Regulation Allows Children To Self-Identify Gender And Race — And Without Parental Consent.


9. SkyNet…

Professor Stuart Russell, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) expert at the University of California, said allowing machines to kill humans would endanger freedom and security. He remarked on the chilling vision following an appearance at the end of a short film which explores how AI could be used to take out targeted individuals. The film, entitled Slaughterbots, shows a dystopian future where tiny drones are programmed to carry out mass killings. By Jamie Bullen in The Mirror: Killer robots which use facial recognition before slaughtering people ‘will be devastating to humankind’


10. The Bottom of The News

the bottom of the alternative news

+ Three cups of coffee a day ‘may have health benefits’ BBC News.

+ Nice: Flea market photo shows ‘Billy the Kid and man who shot him’ – A photo discovered by a US lawyer at a flea market may be a rare image of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid and could be worth millions, experts have said.

+ Cows fall from an overpass after semi-truck crashes, snarling traffic – From Fox News.

+ And more from Fox News: Abortion rates in the US hit historic low, CDC report finds

+ Via News Week: Cuba Backs North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in War On Trump: Havana Calls For ‘Respect For Peoples’ Sovereignty’.

4 responses to NK Target Shooting, U.S. Dollar Collapse 2018, Flat Earth, Sky Net: Your Thursday Briefing

  1. OhioPrepper November 24th, 2017 at 9:33 am

    (Right now most of these NK “targets” are wishful thinking on the part of NK especially targets located in the U.S. mainland

    Yes and they will remain that for a long time. The only area under a severe threat would be South Korea which can be easily shelled with conventional artillery.

    however, they are advancing their nuclear arsenal with every test so who knows how far along that they will be in a year or less.

    They will be nowhere near enough to make an ICBM or IRBM with any real accuracy. It’s a very complex issue from an engineering standpoint that requires a miniaturized weapons package, a reentry vehicle that can sustain the heat and G force acceleration of reentry to house the weapon, and an inertial or GPS guidance system for final accurate delivery, all of which are difficult things to construct.

    And from reports that I’ve read NK is working on a submarine that would be capable of moving a nuclear-tipped missile within accurate striking distance and then launching an effective nuclear strike on the U.S. mainland.)

    Moving it here is the easy part; however, getting it here undetected would be nearly impossible. Our SOSUS system and the other submarine detection infrastructure would be able to follow it as it left port and track it anywhere on the globe, and our Hunter Killer subs would make short work of it if it was determined to be a threat.
    Argentina has relatively advanced submarines and they have one missing. The Argentine submarine ARA San Juan went missing in the South Atlantic last week with a crew of 44 and they are significantly more advanced than NK.
    As I understand it, NK is trying to repurpose old Russian submarines purchased from scrap dealers, so I suspect they will not be a threat to the US mainland for quite some time to come, and military intervention may come long before that time.


    • M.D. Creekmore November 24th, 2017 at 9:55 am


      They don’t have to get the subs up next to the U.S. shore to be effective, a sub will be able to get closer though than the NK mainland is to the U.S. (or other targets) and any decrease in distance from those targets is a plus for NK. We don’t know how far along they are or where they will be a year from now.


  2. Jack November 24th, 2017 at 6:59 am

    The new year will be intresting. In the article about the US Dollar, The Lombardi Letter states Trump will be cautious about a crack in the market caused by higher rates. The Fed has alreready stated they plan several increases for next year. Perhaps conditions will change and the Fed will will hold steady? Short the long term bond has been a good position for a while now.


  3. 1874shilohsharpsJP in MT November 23rd, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    #1. If you knew what was at Pyeongtoek, you would understand it’s inclusion on the list.


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