Is Russia Preparing to Attack The US

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Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…


Shortly after the US-led coalition shot down a Syrian Su-22 plane Sunday, Russia has issued a stern warning to the U.S. that “Any aircraft, including planes and drones belonging to the international coalition operating west of the Euphrates river, will be tracked by Russian anti-aircraft forces in the sky and on the ground and treated as targets,” the Russian defense ministry warned. BBC News Service: Syria conflict: Russia issues warning after US coalition downs jet. (Will Russia shoot down an U.S. military aircraft if it breaks the “rules”… probably. But the big question is what happens when they do? How will the U.S. respond and then how will Russia respond to the U.S. response? It’s a domino effect that could very well lead to World War Three… or is it just posturing by Russia attempting to look tough to the world?)

+ Russia to treat US jets in Syria as ‘targets’ after America guns down first Syrian warplane. (I don’t recall the Syrian government inviting the U.S. government or any so called “coalition” forces into their country or their asking for “help” from the U.S. government in the “fight against ISIS” so what are we doing there? And why are they shooting down Syrian military planes over Syrian airspace? To Put it into perspective… imagine if another country, say, China came on U.S. soil without being invited and started shooting down U.S. planes.  It’s not about “defeating ISIS” – see the link below.)

+ Why is USA interfering in Syria?  (And the Middle East in general?)

+ REPORT: Israel has reportedly been discreetly supporting Syrian rebel groups for years in order to protect its northern border from the war raging in Syria.


(London has had its share of Islamic terrorist attacks targeting non-Muslims in recent months – three attacks in three months to be exact – well it seems that the latest attack was carried out by a 48-year-old white man who had, apparently had enough and wanted to return the carnage so he ran a van through a crowd of Muslims heading home from a mosque where they were celebrating Ramadan. What was the trigger? Was it that he knew or was related to one or more of the victims of the previous attacks that’s taken place over the course of the past few months? We’ll probably never know that detail but I think it’s likely.) Read the article at The Daily Beast: One Dead, 8 Hospitalized as London Terror Attack Targets Muslims Leaving Prayers.

+ Police in the US Virginia have found the remains believed to be of a 17-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted near a mosque before disappearing. via The BBC News: Virginia Muslim girl found dead near mosque.

+ Poll: Most Americans trust US government to protect them against terror attack.


(After more than 4,000 shootings and 762 homicides in 2016 – a massive 59% increase on the previous year and more murders than New York and LA combined Chicago asks, “what’s wrong”. Well their answer is of course more gun control since that’s worked so well thus far. Seems to me that a better solution would be to go after the gangs and their leadership directly instead of worrying about enacting more gun control laws that have already proven not to work.) By Joel Gunter BBC News, Washington DC: Chicago goes high-tech in search of answers to gun crime surge.

+ Records 300th homicide this year over Father’s Day…


If power were a prescription drug, it would come with a long list of known side effects. It can intoxicate. It can corrupt. It can even make Henry Kissinger believe that he’s sexually magnetic. But can it cause brain damage? From the Atlantic: Power Causes Brain Damage. (If you need more proof of this effect just look towards Washington DC.)


Researchers have long argued that where we live can help predict how we die. Take a look at this map to see their predictions of when and how you will die based on where you live. Looks like the western U.S. is the best place to be for a long life – if you believe such predictions. Via FiveThirtyRight: 35 Years Of American Death.


American released from North Korea dies – Otto Warmbier died at 2:20 p.m. Monday at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Reported by WCPO: Otto Warmbier has died days after release from North Korea.


An average of 1,297 children die annually from gun-related injuries, making guns the third-leading cause of death for children in America (behind illnesses and unintentional injuries like drownings or car crashes). The number is based on data taken from 2012–2014 for children up to the age of 17. By Ryan Bort, in Newsweek: Kids and Guns: Shootings Now Third Leading Cause of Death for U.S. Children. (What they fail to mention in their article is that most of deaths where inner-city gang related homicides. Aside from that we need better parenting, less violent video games and movies and the teaching of gun safety in schools (and at home.)

+ The Truth About Guns sheds some needed light on this.


If you’re having trouble making calls or connecting to the internet on your cellphone, you’re not alone. Reports CBS News: Cellphone, internet outages reported across the U.S. (Thankfully, mines been working fine all day.)

+ Effort to ban sale of cell phones for kids under 13

9. DEMOCRAT, ABUSIVE, ALCOHOLIC (the terrible three)

Teenager Cathy Rainbolt told a judge her foster father James “Tom” Hodgkinson, hit her in the face when she failed to mow the lawn correctly. She got hit in the face when she argued. She got hit and dragged by the hair when she tried to get away. As reported by the Chicago Tribune: Congressional shooter James Hodgkinson was abusive alcoholic, foster daughter told judge before her overdose death.


+ STUDY: Yoga As Good As Physical Therapy for Back Pain

+ And they think that they have it so bad here in the U.S. – Two Indonesian men publicly caned for having gay sex.

+ Senators Grassley and Feinstein’s Plot to Take Everything You Own.

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