Tragedy, Deadlocked & Wedding Bells

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Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…


A major search operation is under way for seven missing US sailors after their ship collided with a merchant vessel off the coast of Japan. The collision occurred near Yokosuka, which is home to the US 7th Fleet that comprises up to 80 submarines and ships, including the USS Fitzgerald. It is unclear where the 154-metre (505ft) guided missile destroyer ship was heading at the time. Japan’s coastguard is co-coordinating the search with US teams for the seven missing crew members, who have not yet been publicly identified. As reported by the BBC News Service: USS Fitzgerald crash: Race to find seven missing navy crew. (I’m puzzled as to how two ships this size could end up ramming into each other at sea, but I’m not a navy veteran – if you are and can shed some light on this please elaborate in the comments below this post.)

+ 7 U.S. Sailors Unaccounted for After Navy Destroyer Collides With Ship Off Japan.


A total of 58 people are dead or missing, presumed dead following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in west London, police have said. Also from the BBC News Service: London fire: 58 missing, presumed dead.

+ Meanwhile – Thousands of people have descended on Downing Street to protest against Theresa May and the possibility of a coalition between the Conservative Party and DUP. Reported by The Evening Standard: Westminster rally: Thousands descend on Downing Street chanting ‘May must go’ in protest against PM Theresa May’s deal with DUP.

+ ‘Outrageous’ lack of help for victims.

+ Man jailed for opening body bag and taking photo of Grenfell Tower blaze victim.

+ Southall stabbing: Young man ‘has throat slit’ by knife man in busy west London shopping street. (With all the knife attacks in the UK as of late, I look for their politicians to ban those deadly “assault knives” any day now.)


The jury had been deliberating for 52 hours when they told Judge Steven O’Neill they were “hopelessly deadlocked”. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele says his office will retry Cosby. CBS Philadelphia: ‘Hopelessly Deadlocked’: Judge Declares Mistrial In Cosby Sex Assault Case. (I’m leaning towards not guilty – think about it – why would Cosby at the height of his fame and career have to drug women for sex? Also, why would these women wait this many years before coming forward? Makes no sense to me.)

+ And now we get to the root of all the accusations… MONEY. Despite Mistrial in Criminal Case, Civil Lawsuits Await Cosby.


Taiwan last month ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, triggering a surge in online chatter among Chinese gays who hope they, too, can someday legally wed. Via The Daily Mail: Chinese gays hear wedding bells as Taiwan move fuels hope.

+ BREAKING: Canada passes radical law forcing gender theory acceptance.


Strong high pressure building over Western states is bringing the hot onslaught. Officials warned of excessive heat across southern portions of Arizona and Nevada, and throughout the 450-mile length of California’s Central Valley. Almost the entire Golden State was predicted to simmer above normal temperatures, easing just short of the coast. Temps as high as 120+ degrees expected in some areas. Arizona Southwest US preps for 120 temps: Water, water, more water. (I hope you’re ready for those high temps Jesse Mathewson.  – makes me even more grateful to be in the great state of Tennessee enjoying the low 80’s.)


Imagine the average American waking up one morning without power and as the day wore on, no signs of power returning emerged. Like a scene out of the classic TV series “Revolution”, most Americans would have no idea what happened and no way to find out the truth with the internet down, along with everything else. Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline: This ‘Game Changer’ Could Lead To 270 Million Dead Americans And Foreshadows A Massive False Flag On The Horizon! (It’s time to stock up on basic staples – The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide – Survive When Disaster Strikes.)


If something happens seven times in a row, do you think that there is a pretty good chance that it will happen the eighth time too? Immediately prior to the last seven recessions, we have seen an inverted yield curve, and it looks like it is about to happen again for the very first time since the last financial crisis. For those of you that are not familiar with this terminology, when we are talking about a yield curve we are typically talking about the spread between two-year and ten-year U.S. Treasury bond yields. Normally, long-term rates are higher than short-term rates, but when investors get spooked about the economy this can reverse. Just before every single recession since 1960 the yield curve has “inverted”, and now we are getting dangerously close to it happening again for the first time in a decade. SHTF Plan: The Last Seven Times This Happened America Immediately Went Into A Recession… And It’s About To Happen Again.

+ 21 Point Prepper’s Checklist For Stocking Up at Walmart.


A bill allowing the starvation and dehydration of dementia and mentally ill patients against their will passed the Oregon Senate 17-13 on June 8. Oregon Right to Life has been battling SB494 since it was introduced, warning it’s a “devious” bill that’s “craftily written so as to hide its true intent.” Life Site News: Oregon Senate votes to allow dementia patients to be starved to death.


+ 10 Helpful Tips That Will Make You A Better Driver. (I know a lot of people who need to become better drives- please read this, Todd, Heather and Stacy.)

+ What to do when animals attack. (Might help, might not, but worth a try.)


+ I Sold Everything, Bought an Airstream and Travel America With My Family Indefinitely – part one.

+ I Sold Everything, Bought an Airstream and Travel America With My Family Indefinitely part two.

(Some breath-taking photos are included with the two articles linked to above – you’ll enjoy – trust me on that. Living in a travel trails is doable, how do I know… I know because I’ve done it – I even wrote a book about it.)

+ You go girl – Holly Holm Knockouts Bethe Correia with Headkick. (I’m glad she got the KO because after three back to back losses he future in the UFC depended on a victory in this fight.)

Have a great evening – M.D. Creekmore

8 responses to Tragedy, Deadlocked & Wedding Bells

  1. Penrod June 18th, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    Knife control in Britain: I’m not sure how strong it is, but for several years there has been a push to ban pointed kitchen knives in Britain because “no one needs a pointed knife.”

    My guess is that as Santoku style knives become more widely popular, resistance to a ban will diminish. Since most knife owners won’t care a lot either way, and the pro-ban people will, I expect they will eventually win, and one more small bit of freedom to decide how to run one’s own life will be eliminated in favor decision making by the Wise & Benevolent State.


    • Bri June 18th, 2017 at 4:38 pm

      Funny enough there seems to be a lot of people being stabbed by knives NOT on the banned list.
      I’m pretty lucky as I can justify carrying any kind of blade because of what I do.
      Still, we had a radio meet and one of the club saw my 8 inch blade survival knife I had in my pack, the horror, the horror !
      When I was questioned as to why I needed a knife like that with me I just said ‘ We are miles away from anywhere in a large woodland. If anyone had an accident and needed a splint then what do you have on you to hack through a branch ?”

      The existing knife laws here in the UK are retarded, I could use a box cutter knife to put a point on a stick and do even more trauma with the stick !

      I remember proudly wearing my sheaf knife as a boy scout, sadly the scouts now can’t have them either.

      we are restricted to non-locking, non-fixed blade knives with a blade length of no longer than 3 inches (without reason)
      My reason is that I am on my way to field test or deliver a commission 🙂



      • Zulu 3-6 June 18th, 2017 at 7:53 pm


        Scouts in the US can”t wear sheath knives anymore either, but that is a Boy Scouts of America policy, not a law. They can be carried in a pack and used for cooking prep, etc, but can’t be worn. That includes adult leaders too.

        I really feel sorry for you guys across the pond with the stupid weapons restrictions. Of course we have our morons trying to disarm us too.


  2. Bri June 18th, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    England Calling,
    Well the fire in London is being milked for all it’s worth.
    As sad as it is to think about the children dying I am shocked at the way our leftist main media is using the tragedy to their advantage.
    Our PM May has been roasted over the coals as if the fire was her fault, if anything our Mohammadean London Mayor should shoulder the blame.
    What has basically happened is the local government signed off the use of sub standard materials just so they can balance their yearly books. It is not the contractors fault as they stuck to the letter of the specifications from the council.
    However, the leftist main media is going great guns to whip up a revolt in the UK. The Media rolls out it panels of experts who are using this tragedy to circle back to Brexit saying the majority of people don’t agree with May and therefore want a soft Brexit ot re-vote.
    Perhaps these bought and paid for expert panelists should take a moment and look up the actual latest polls about Brexit which show the majority actually do want to get on with Brexit.
    As it is reported in the articles which show the credible polls, as much as 70 % of Brits are still in full support of Brexit and are inclusive of many, many that were remainers at the actual vote.
    I think it’s an absolute disgrace when a tragedy like this is used by the shadow cabal to try and brainwash the common people, but what’s new !



    • M.D. Creekmore June 18th, 2017 at 12:45 pm


      Thank you very much for your “on the ground” first-hand account of what is going on there.


  3. Matt June 18th, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Great post. I love this style of writing and this site it saves me a lot of time and brings news and others helpful articles that I’d never read otherwise. Thank you fo all you do.


  4. Jesse Mathewson June 17th, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    Yes, the temps are set to be all time highs, watch for many deaths from dehydration come out of Arizona 🙁 we have way too many Cali movers who simply don’t get the “hydrate hydrate hydrate” mantra 🙁 and sadly foreign tourists every year die hiking around phoenix…people are truly not very well versed in saving themselves these days, it’s almost always a EuroUnion person –


  5. Jesse Mathewson June 17th, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Ouch, all I can say is maybe more eyes should be watching the seas and less the instruments 🙁 my father is a navy vet, Vietnam era, 2 tours -minesweeper (last active wooden boat in navy) did inserts, he would probably be wondering how drunk the bridge crew was


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