Second Amendment, North Korea, The Economy and More: Your Wednesday Briefing

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Guns and Second Amendment 

+ Florida’s laws against the open carry of firearms will stand after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the petition of a Fort Pierce resident claiming the law is unconstitutional. From TCpalm: Supreme Court declines to hear Fort Pierce Second Amendment case

+ The Supreme Court announced Monday it had declined to hear two Second Amendment cases, leaving intact gun control laws in Maryland that restrict the types of weapons that can be bought, and in Florida that largely prevent gun owners from carrying their weapons in the open. As reported in The Washington Times: Supreme Court shoots down gun cases, upholds a ban on assault weapons and open-carry

North Korea

+ An EMP, a short burst of electromagnetic radiation, is a side effect of an atmospheric nuclear detonation. It could wreak havoc across the entire U.S., by potentially damaging or destroying all electrical devices and the electric grid within the line of sight of the blast. Via NewsMax: NKorean Electromagnetic Pulse Blast Could Cripple US Defenses

+ It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie, an electromagnetic pulse attack has become a larger issue in the past few months due to North Korea’s missile tests and stated goal of developing the capability to mount such a devastating strike. By Anthony Furey | Fox News: North Korea might be able to knock out electric power to millions of Americans — We need to be prepared

+ Here’s what would happen if North Korea hit the US with an EMP that could take out 90% of the population

+ Meanwhile… New missile test shows North Korea capable of hitting all of US mainland

+ And from Michael Snyder over at The Economic Collapse Blog: How A North Korean Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Could Kill Millions And Turn America Into A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

The Economy:

+ America’s national debt will never, ever go down

+ In October alone, the US national debt has soared by nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars

+ America’s Impending Debt Crisis

Personal Freedom:

+ Smart Cities Of The Future Will Be Like ‘Nazi Germany On Steroids’ – No Privacy, No Freedom, No Free Enterprise And One Step Closer To Completing The Globalists ‘New World Order’ Agenda

+ Facebook Announces It Will Use A.I. To Scan Your Thoughts “To Enhance User Safety”

+ Hawaii police order medical marijuana users to ‘voluntarily surrender’ guns and ammo



Alert: Nine DEAD In London-Area Canadian ‘Flesh-Eating’ Bacterial Outbreak!

Volcanic Activity:

+ A Mount Agung explosive eruption could conveniently drop global temperatures by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1.3 °F) causing a year without summer across the planet

The Threat From Outerspace

+ 3-mile-wide ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid will make its closest pass by Earth in over 40 years on December 16, Nasa confirms


+ Prepare for sudden, radical transformation at every level of society… “You may not recognize tomorrow”

+ Prepper alert: U.S. authorities warning of new terrorism threat to RAIL system after Al Qaeda provides “how-to” instructions on train derailment

2 responses to Second Amendment, North Korea, The Economy and More: Your Wednesday Briefing

  1. Mrs. B November 29th, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    I hope rocket man keeps his ICBMS to himself. He wants to take us down. As we sit completely unprepared, I pray that we survive long enough to retaliate.


  2. JP in MT November 29th, 2017 at 11:07 am

    NK Missle to US. So far the only confirmation of it’s estimated range I’ve seen comes from NK; not a source of quality information. IMO


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