Second Korean War, EMP, Illegals Baked To Death, Do Nothing Republican Congress: Your Sunday Briefing

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Good evening.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Second Korean War On The Horizon

Can North Korea hit the United States with a nuclear weapon? The state of Hawaii certainly is not taking any chances. The island state is currently preparing for the worst – a nuclear attack by North Korea. Hawaii is on schedule to become the first state in the US to test an “attack- warning” system in the event of a North Korean nuclear missile strike. Via SHTF Plan: Military Just Warned Americans To Expect WAR With North Korea.

+ Unusual N. Korean sub activity detected
+ Missile test could occur next weekend

2. EMP and Cyber Warfare – An Unprecedented Challenge’ To US National Security

New-design nuclear weapons — and new operational plans — are needed for deterring and defeating the new way of warfare being planned by our potential enemies. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran plan a revolution in military affairs combining cyber-attacks with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to decisively defeat enemy military forces and paralyze entire nations.

They envision using low-yield nuclear weapons, specially designed to generate EMP, what Russia calls Super-EMP weapons. EMP attack detonates a warhead in outer space. So no blast, radiation, or other nuclear effects reach the ground, only the EMP. Nuclear EMP attack is variously described by Russian, Chinese, and others as “Electronic Warfare,” “Information Warfare,” or “Cyber Warfare” — but not nuclear warfare. As reported by All News Pipeline: National Security Insider Warns Of ‘Game Changer’ And ‘An Unprecedented Challenge’ To US National Security.

3. Ten Illegals Baked To Death In Semi Truck Trailer

The truck was parked at a back corner of the Walmart parking lot at 8538 S. Interstate 35 and Texas 16 on the Southwest Side at least since Saturday night. The eight immigrants are believed to have died as a result of heat exposure/asphyxiation, according to a San Antonio Police Department news release, but an official cause of death will be determined by the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office. Reported by Guillermo Contreras in the My Sanantonio: 8 found dead in trailer at San Antonio Walmart – Homeland Security working with SAPD.

+ ‘Ruthless human smugglers’ blamed for deaths of 8 people left in a truck in 100-degree Texas heat. (Blame the “traffickers” all they want (and they do hold part of the blame), but I’d have been smart enough to have not gotten into the truck in the first place… Just saying.)

4. Good News At The Pump – Gas Prices Drop Under Trump

Even as gas prices have fallen to the lowest point in years under President Trump, Senate Minority Leader is claiming the price of petrol has only gone up. The nationwide price for gas closed the week of July 17th at $2:39/gallon, down from $2.47/gallon when Trump took office. Over the July 4th holiday weekend, gas prices were at their lowest point since 2005, according to the AAA. (However, I’m not sure if President Trump had anything to do with it or not…) Reported by Grabien News: As Gas Prices Fall to 12-Year Low, Schumer Claims Gas Prices ‘Never Go Down’.

+ Top 10 Lowest Gas Prices in Tennessee

5. Do Nothing… Accomplish Nothing, Republican Congress 200 Days Into The Trump Presidency

President Trump captured several states that have not voted Republican in decades. Riding on his coattails the Republican Party also won back the House of Representatives and won a majority in the US Senate. Now they (Republicans) control congress, the senate, and the white house and still can’t get anything done. Via The Gateway Pundit: Do-Nothing Congress Reaches 200 Days Today with Obamacare and Massive Taxes Still In Place!

6. Tennessee Judge Rules Gay Couples Have Equal Parental Rights

Same-sex couples in Tennessee have the same rights as heterosexual couples who have children born through artificial insemination, a judge ruled. As reported at fox news: Tennessee judge rules gay couples have equal parental rights.

+ Tennessee Robbery Suspect Waits Outside Store to Surrender to Police

+ Go Tennessee: 5 places to get outside and play…

7. Chained Dog Chokes to Death Trying to Reach Shade on a Blistering Hot Day…

A Great Falls man was arrested last week, almost a week after a chained dog choked to death trying to get to shade in his yard, according to a Great Falls Police Department report. Keon Torrance Gladden, 23, has been charged with ill treatment of animals, jail records show. Via The Island Packet: Chained dog chokes to death trying to reach shade on a blistering hot day, police say.

(I hope he gets a beat down in jail – so deserving of one.)

8. Why New iPhone 8 Price Won’t Matter To Apple Fan Boys

There have been some intriguing media reports on the new iPhone 8 price in recent weeks, not to mention conflicting information. It had been perpetually suggested until recently that the iPhone 8 will retail at a price in excess of $1,000. Christopher Morris via Value Walk: Why New iPhone 8 Price Won’t Matter To Apple Fan Boys. (Guess what… I won’t be buying one.)

9. Conor McGregor fans throw brick through Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend’s Window

According to the Daily Star Sunday, a brick with note reading “F–K the Mayweathers” was thrown through her apartment window. For those unaware, this was a chant Conor McGregor, who is scheduled to face Mayweather later this summer, started during the highly-publicized world tour promoting their fight on Aug. 26. The report also noted Clarke was involved in another incident where a pack of McGregor fans approached her on the street and said, “You plastic slag… You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die.” This ridiculous incident was reported by Fan Sided: Conor McGregor fans throw brick through Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend’s window.

+ Meanwhile… Floyd Mayweather slams Dana White: ‘He’s living better than his UFC fighters’.

10. The Bottom Of The News

+ Something incredibly dangerous has been found in a New Hampshire lake

+ Alert: Massive nationwide deadly disease outbreak, authorities scrambling

+ He thought he just had blisters from a hike. He had flesh-eating bacteria and nearly died – Wayne Atkins thought little of the blisters he had gotten while hiking. He was trekking up and down the 4,500-foot-high Mount Garfield in New Hampshire — 10-miles round-trip — and blisters were no surprise. The blisters didn’t go away. In fact, they started hurting more than Atkins expected, according to the news station. And he started feeling ill. What Atkins didn’t know at the time was that his blisters had allowed Group A streptococcus to enter his body. Anyone who has ever had strep throat should recognize the bacteria’s name. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, 11,000 to 13,000 people are infected with an invasive form of strep A disease that can cause blood infection or pneumonia.

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  1. Jesse Mathewson July 23rd, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Side note

    Apple owners are by default not interested in security,

    As for McGreg or and Mayweather…welcome to modern world, where the only thing that matters is fame and feelings.

    I don’t care if you are gay or not, we need good parents. After all its the last two generations that raised the current crop of losers taking the world over.

    Any how eh 🙁


  2. Jesse Mathewson July 23rd, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    All this tells me is a simple thing, our government is evil.


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