Our world is on the brink of chaos. You’ve seen the evidence all around you: the potential for economic collapse, viral pandemic, and electromagnetic pulse. Even the federal government suggests a “survival kit.” But with their one-week supply recommendation, how prepared are you really to survive in any of these dangers? Do you have the knowledge to protect yourself and your family from coming catastrophe? Do you know where to start?

The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World is your first and last resource for “Surviving the End of the World as we Know it.”

As a prepper, you don’t have the time to take the trial-and-error approach. You need expert guidance from someone who’s done it all before.

You have no time or money to waste, so you need to get it right— right away.

In this book, published author and prepping consultant M.D. Creekmore (who is a prepper with over 20 years’ experience) guides you through every step needed to become a master prepper. You’ll learn what, and how much, you need to stockpile, along with essential survival skills that can save your life.

The Preppers Guide takes the guesswork out of prepping in 13 simple chapters. It provides step-by-step advice to save you, your money, and your time. The book focuses on the following cost-effective essentials:

  • Why I Prep
  • Water: Drink or Die
  • The Preppers Food Storage Pantry
  • Tools for Cooking and Processing Your Food Storage
  • Essential Survival Gear and Tools
  • Your Bug Out Bag
  • Tools for Self-Defense and Foraging
  • Urban Survival Considerations
  • Medical Considerations
  • Communications
  • Alternative Power (the simple and cheap way)
  • Self-Sufficiency: The Key to Long-Term Survival
  • How to Defend Your Home and Retreat Against Attack

Reader Reviews:

This is an excellent guide for everyone. He adds a lot of practical, tactical advice to his lists which is very valuable even if you are advanced in your preparations. It is nice to “compare notes” with other experts. The book is rooted in practical advice and is quite motivating because of the concise way he cuts through the clutter of unknowns. Highly recommended.

– Joel Skousen – worldaffairsbrief.com

From this book, I have learned things like which two-way radios are most suitable for which types of communications and which types of traps are most suitable for harvesting specific kinds of animals, among so many other useful tidbits… I intend to re-read it several times and keep it for reference. I’ve been looking for a book like this for quite a while, and now finally here it is.

– James Ballou

Download this 172-page book now for only $14.95 and start planning for your survival!

About The Author:

M.D. CREEKMORE is a modern survival expert and emergency preparedness, consultant. A full-time homesteader based in Tennessee, Creekmore is the author of four how-to survival guides including The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World as We Know It, The Prepared Prepper’s Cookbook, The Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat, and 31 Days to Survival. His well-researched, easy to follow disaster preparedness and homesteading plans give readers greater peace of mind in a tumultuous world. Read more about the author here

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