Upcoming Food Shortage and Price Increase In The United States

Photo taken by the South Dakota Civil Air Patrol and provided by the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is flooding along the Missouri River in rural Iowa north of Omaha, Neb., Monday, March 18, 2019.

As I’m sure most of you know there have been some serious floods in the midwest, most concerning are Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa because these three states are in the top ten states that generate food for the rest of the country.

So look for prices to take a steep upward turn on corn, meat, beans, dairy, poultry, eggs, and soybeans and on any foods that contain these… which is to say that there will most likely be an increase in food prices across the board.

And making matters much, much, worse; according to CNN:

Lost harvests aren’t the only problem. It’s unclear whether the fields will be good for planting this year. “More than likely, they will not be able to put in a crop this year,” because of flooding now, and because “we will not have time to do any levee repairs to protect this year’s crop,”.
From Reuters:
As of Dec. 1, producers in states with flooding – including South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Illinois – had 6.75 billion bushels of corn, soybeans and wheat stored on their farms – 38 percent of the total U.S. supplies available at that time, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.
Ethanol is an alternative fuel commonly made from corn. It’s typically shipped out of the Midwest by train or truck to coastal refineries like those in Texas. The product is then blended with refinery-made fuel so it can meet the Renewable Fuel Standard.

US Grain Bins Collapse After Catastrophic Iowa Floods

While I don’t think that this is going to turn into a TEOTWAWKI event, food prices are going to rise… especially meat, dairy, and corn. Corn and anything that contains corn could double in price in the next few months. It’s a domino effect that will result in food price increases on many food products that aren’t immediately apparent. Be prepared to pay more at the grocery checkout and at the gas pump.

My advice to you is to stock up now (like today) on those items that are likely to see a price hike in the coming weeks because of the flooding to beat the coming price jump. Don’t go out and panic buy a bunch of foods that you don’t normally eat, but it’s a good idea to go out now and buy extra of those foods that you normally eat that are likely to see price hikes. 

Even if prices don’t increase as much as predicted then you’ll still be stocked up on foods that you normally eat anyways and won’t have to go shopping for those for a few months while you consume those foods at your dinner table. It’s a win for you.

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M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in self-reliance topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance topics through first-hand experience and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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  1. BullDogBeau says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Just bought 6 – 22lbs Auguson Farm cornmeal pails.

  2. Metacomet says:

    Thank goodness I’m a prepper anyway, so already prepared for this sort of thing. It’s a good lesson for non-preppers.

    BTW, paper prices going way up due to the price of pulp and Chinese paper demands.

  3. Virginia Momma says:

    Thanks for the post M.D. Gas prices have jumped 20 cents per gallon in the last week and a half where I live to $2.49. Not looking forward to $3+ per gallon. Will start restocking the freezers and pantry this week though.

  4. Ed Schrade says:

    Another excuse to raise gasoline prices. Wish we had the option of the gasoline without the troublesome ethanol in it.

  5. Prepared Grammy says:

    We have an entire freezer full of beef. I’m glad we got it when we did. I do need to add more cornmeal to the stocks.

  6. Ray White says:

    MD, I’m pretty well stocked with staples and thank God it’s nearing peak growing season here in AZ, but in addition to buying and storing and growing food you might want to consider checking out food producer stocks like Con Agra, Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto, Del Monte, B&G Foods (Green Giant) as well as Scotts Miracle-Gro and companies that sell potash. Just sayin’. This might come under “Every cloud has a silver lining.” 🙂

  7. Sarah Querry says:

    HELLO from SEATTLE,WA. IT very hard to be a PREPPER when your on “SOCIAL SECURITY” ! BUT thank to WALMART AND AMAZON I get a little ! I just got a lifesaver straw for water! I I just planted my garden all ‘NON GMO” veggies! it helps very much ! even have chickens “YAHOO” the bad part I cant kill them are eat them !

    • kytriya says:

      Do utilize the food shelf. Use it for everyday food, and then take the savings and buy what you can’t get at the food shelf. Sure, one can’t prep the food shelf food legally. They frown on it, as they should. However, it does save money so that you can buy the big bags of rice and dried beans.

  8. kytriya says:

    I was planning for this when we got all that snow! I was expecting floods next. Good article though! I’m sure many people weren’t prepared. I forgot that Nebraska does food. lol

    What I did: I bought a package of 6 quart jars with lids, Scott’s TP, cheap curtain rods to make my own FIFO rack. I have yet to buy the wood, but I do have a useless bookshelf that I can use the wood from. I also have a metal bookshelf with wood chipboard shelf that I might be able to use. I still have to clear out a closet of mine. I’m trying to downsize and sell what I don’t need in the Toys department. I just feel like planning out how much food I really do eat in a year. I won’t. I’m too tired. lol

  9. Maddie says:

    Gas where I live in Indiana was $2.85 a gallon today. You have to remember that the corn and soy that were ruined are all most likely the Roundup Ready crap that no one should eat or feed their families or animals with. Sad, but true. White corn has not been corrupted, yet.

    • PL C says:

      Here in Northern California, gasoline was $2.41 in mid-February. It’s been rising in leaps and bounds, and as of Saturday the 13th it was $3.69 at the cheapest place in our little town in the Sierra. I’ve stocked up on #10 cans of wheat, rice, and sugar, and will get some corn, too, for grinding. Gardening is beginning, and we have local farmers with CSAs and our Farmers’ Market, the better to augment canning. Our snowpack (the main source of water for much of California) is at about 150% of average for this time of year, so Valley farmers are hoping for a good year. And the Oroville dam is finally repaired, hooray for irrigation and flood control. This state is a big contributor to the U.S.’s food, too, but lost ground (literally) during the 6 year drought. And wildfires now have everyone’s attention.

  10. Hearl says:

    As always M.D. you are on top of things, i have always kept plenty of food stocked in my pantry. I was not aware of things being this bad, i will add more vital items to my pantry stock and freezer. Thanks for the heads up on this, great information as always.

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