Yuck! Fecal bacteria found at UK branches of McDonald’s, KFC & Burger King

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(Folks, it’s not just in the UK – I’ve read about this before also being found in the United States and in the same fast food branches. That’s why anytime that I have to eat at one ANYWHERE I always order my coke in a can, bring my own or I don’t eat there.)

An undercover investigation by a BBC consumer program has revealed that ice used in beverages in McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC in the UK contains fecal bacteria. Experts from the program “Watchdog” tested ten samples at each of the chains for traces of “fecal coliform” that is found in human and animal feces and cause a number of diseases.

The coliforms were discovered in three samples of McDonald’s drinks, six from Burger King and in seven samples taken at KFC food outlets. Four of the samples collected from Burger King and five from KFC reportedly had “significant” levels of the bacteria.

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  1. Bri July 21st, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Here in the UK I am fortunate that I don’t eat in fast food joints, I much prefer to eat food.
    I once did a job for a Turk kebab shop owner and was asked to look at his staff toilet while I was there.
    Seems the cost cutting Turk employed a builder to install his staff toilet but said builder didn’t understand the water runs down hill. Basically he put the flow pipe from the toilet against the downward flow of the rest of the drainage system. This basically meant the waist from the staff toilet got pushed back up the wrong way and kept blocking.
    Every now and then the Turk used a pressurised fire extinguisher to blast the debris away.
    On this day in particular I tried to help him clear away the blockage and I failed. He grabbed the fire extinguisher, wrapped a towel around the cone end and stuck it into the pipe opening in the service chamber.
    Boy, the release of the blockage had the backed up debris hit the wall of the service chamber, fly skywards and soaked the Turk (I hid the massive chuckle growing inside me), flooded onto the floor and worked its way to a pile of cardboard boxes containing salad stiff and other foods.
    For the time I stayed there I saw the staff mop the floor but I know that food was not trashed and some poor person would be eating a kebab with added flavour some time soon.
    That was one of the reasons I don’t eat at junk food places the other was this.

    While my wife (16 at the time) was waiting to start working for Harrods she took a part time job in a pet store.
    The pet tore was next door to a KFC.
    One day it seemed a rat or mouse got free from the shop and found its way into the KFC frying equipment.


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